Arma Reforger Update Fixes Plenty of Multiplayer and Backend Issues

The new update improves the game as a whole.

Arma Reforger’s life is slowly improving as Bohemia Interactive slowly clears the path towards Arma 4. The developer released a new update that has already arrived on PC and will hit Xbox later this day. This update has already fixed a bunch of backend issues that should indirectly bolster the multiplayer gameplay experience. The new’s changelog is enormous, so take a look at it below by yourself.

The game is improving significantly and is slowly starting to counteract the negative reviews on Steam. Patience is a virtue, as Bohemia Interactive is slowly making necessary amends for the greater good of the game. Just a quick heads-up, the multiplayer gameplay now feels much smoother, allowing players to endure a longer game session before facing any disconnections.

Arma Reforger Update


  • Fixed: Improvements to door network synchronization
  • Fixed: Explosion projectiles applying damage to multiple items was optimized
  • Fixed: NwkMovementComponent extrapolation would work with the previous value rather than the latest one
  • Tweaked: Logging RplId of nodes that could not be found during creation
  • Tweaked: Added a note regarding prefab entityID network serialization
  • Added: Streaming all content of the current cell first logic


  • Fixed: AI getting stuck in aiming after an attack and investigating
  • Fixed: Rotation of AI when provided with a lookAt location
  • Added: New navmesh area type for ladders

UI and Localization

  • Fixed: Disabling and enabling a dependency of a mod showed a wrong confirmation dialog
  • Fixed: Faction attribute now supports other entities that use the faction controller
  • Fixed: Author name in the loading screen
  • Fixed: Multiple strings for localization
  • Fixed: Login dialogs need the player’s email instead of their username
  • Fixed: Opening the context menu by clicking RMB on an entity did not hide its tooltip
  • Fixed: Script error when opening the entity browser
  • Changed: Kick notifications now state the reason why the player was kicked (if it happens through player interaction, e.g. a vote to kick for excessive teamkilling, etc.)
  • Changed: Debug info in entity tooltips is now based on the debug menu
  • Changed: Visuals of VON UI unified with other HUDs and simplified; the whole widget is about 25% smaller in both X and Y axis
  • Changed: Icon indicator for continuous transmission changed to “lock”
  • Added: Feedback Tracker link to the community section


  • Fixed: Opening the inventory now pins a grenade instead of throwing it
  • Fixed: Camera shaking when the player would melee while in ADS
  • Fixed: Set ‘draggable’ to false on all arsenal, ammo, equipment boxes; block users from moving boxes into vehicles/inventories
  • Fixed: Dropping a transmitting radio would not end the transmission
  • Fixed: Spawning inside radio operators
  • Fixed: AI could block construction sites
  • Fixed: In some cases the building process was not blocked for the player when building was in progress
  • Fixed: Reloading while holding the fire button does not break the reloading animation anymore
  • Fixed: Changing fire mode cancels weapon firing to prevent ‘full-automatic shooting’ with semi-automatic weapons using rapid fire mode changing
  • Fixed: The death camera was not following the player character
  • Fixed: Toggling between Picture-in-Picture and 2D scopes should no longer cause issues
  • Fixed: PiP HDR possibly using an improper camera index
  • Fixed: VME when swapping PiP scopes
  • Fixed: Correct collider materials assignment and fixes to hit effects and decals on the municipal office building
  • Fixed: Complex loadout compositions may break if inserted via a request spawn item, as an entity needs a HierarchyComponent in order to be parented via the SpawnParams Parent property
  • Hotfixed: Ragdoll Y position not synchronized when streaming ragdolls in
  • Tweaked: Shaking of the turret in ADS while rotating it or the vehicle moving
  • Changed: Door component disabled for Door_FactoryHall_E_01_Elevator
  • Changed: Map deactivates/activates the player camera when it opens/closes
  • Changed: Rocket M72 with a new model and rig (fixes sticking out fins)


  • Fixed: HTTP response queue depletion, when joining to / disconnecting from a modded server
  • Fixed: Potential Workshop crash
  • Fixed: Backend – Crash when someone exceeds the data size and JSON creation fails during Save or Upload
  • Fixed: Checking ping before entering the server browser
  • Tweaked: Backend – Service status test time value reset on errors
  • Tweaked: Backend – Removed the SetFailed() state from OnErrorHandling response callback as it was redundant and called already
  • Tweaked: Support for deleting mods (API)
  • Changed: JsonApi buffer for local saves increased to 1MB
  • Changed: Backend – Environment connecting process for clients to be infinite, which allows re-connecting when there are temporary connection issues
  • Changed: Backend – Refactored Error + Timeout calls to get rid SetFailed() + SetTimeouted()
  • Changed: Backend – All possible JSON parse errors in WorkshopApi result in a failed state
  • Added: Backend – IsInitialized() API function to indicate an environment load is being processed
  • Added: Hiding an author’s content request
  • Added: Author is blocked API
  • Added: BattlEye server filter with icons and a localized string
  • Added: Server browser kick dialogs fallback to error group


  • Fixed: BaseWorldAPI::ProjectViewportToWorld missing one parameter in the script declaration
  • Fixed: Pivot ID not being applied to camera transformation in PiP scopes
  • Changed: Only allow CharacterAnimationComponent on ChimeraCharacters
  • Added: Option to set PiP camera angles for specific kinds of optics

Game Master

  • Fixed: “Clear all destroyed entities” action deletes destroyed vehicles now
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