Battlefield 3’s upcoming Reality Mod is about to slap

Project Reality is real, if you know what I mean.

It’s about time we see something realistic in Battlefield 3. A new, highly anticipated mod is supposed to release on July 17 that will shock all the fans of this shooter. A Reality Mod with a time-consuming development of around seven years. A mod with inspiration soaked from the Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod. It’s basically an adoption of Squad, but with some extra kicks, elements, and excitement, considering the nostalgia. Don’t forget to watch the official trailer embedded at the top of this article.

The Battlefield 3 Reality Mod lets you take your team into the modern-day with an overhaul focusing on teamwork and combined arms tactics. For it to work, players will need to possess all of the DLCs on PC. Otherwise, they might find something missing and ineligible to play.

If you’re wishing to find out more about the reality mod coming to Battlefield 3, then you’ve arrived at the right spot. The mod will include multiple features that will rework the gameplay. The mod will introduce a reworked UI for a better overview and understanding and a 24-hour day-night map cycle with dynamic weather. A taste of an AAA video game that will support large-scale battles with more than 100 player capacity. For example, this Battlefield 3 Reality Mod will have the following features:


  • Completely reworked gameplay and UI aimed for more tactical team play compared to BF3
  • Immersive, atmospheric visuals – Frostbite Engine’s Destruction, VFX & physics
  • 100+ players on a server
  • Multiple in-game radio channels, including positional audio
  • Custom models, maps, game modes, etc.
  • Dynamic weather elements and 24 hours day-night cycles

The mod will implement a more realistic game pace, including a tweaked player movement speed, better respawn mechanics, and weapon handling. The new gameplay elements will consist of Artillery strike, deployable assets for FOBs, with a commander role with UAV, similar to SQUAD. There will be many more features swirling down with it, so if you want to see them all, click here.

This standalone mod is made by an unaffiliated development group. As the developer statement on their official website, they ask players to be prepared that during this journey, the dev team might be forced to make some difficult decisions, which points to possible difficulties raised by the official publisher, EA.

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