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Escape From Tarkov “Stray Dogs” Quest Guide

Stray Dogs is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Jaeger. The quest asks you to eliminate the most powerful trio in the game, the Rogue bosses added in patch

Stray Dogs Quest Details

Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Good day to you, soldier. Though could I actually say it’s good? As a wise person used to say, people are made to torment each other. When I first read it, I didn’t honestly believe it. But now my heart bleeds every time I remember this quote. Some new renegades are terrorizing the city. I’ve sent a man to negotiate with them, maybe even guide them to the right path, but those savages decapitated him and sent his head back to me, with the letter I wrote for them… They’re not locals, all came from USEC. Long renounced from their own people too. They must be hunted down. This is our land. No more peace talks.


  • Locate and eliminate Death Knight
  • Locate and eliminate Big Pipe
  • Locate and eliminate Birdeye


  • +30,500 XP
  • ~130,000 Roubles
  • +0.02 reputation with Jaeger
  • 1x SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle OV
  • 1x Recknagel Era-Tac 30mm ring scope mount
  • 1x Schmidt & Bender PM II 1-8×24 scope
  • 2x SV-98 7.62x54R 10-round magazine
  • x30 7.62x54mm R PS gzh


Ok, let’s talk about their positioning now. It has been revealed that these three new faces have different habitats, and unlike other AI, they possess supreme intelligence. Even though The Goon Squad come together as a pack, their rotations are devastating and easily outsmart players. Even though their faction resides and operates in the Lighthouse area, these three marvels can be available on four different maps.

  • Customs (Stronghold, Crackhouse)
  • Shoreline (Weather Station)
  • Woods (Scav Bunker above Prapor’s Convoy)
  • Lighthouse (Water Treatment Plant, Northern Villa)

One mega tip would be that they do not wear head armor, so hitting headshots is definitely important.

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