Genshin Impact’s latest Sumeru teaser details new characters and lavish environment

You know it's going to be epic when the developer provides commentary for it.

HoYoverse cannot stop with the surprises, and its high streak roll continues. Genshin Impact’s latest Sumeru teaser hints at plenty of new characters entering the horizon. The video called Prelude to Wisdom and the commentary by the developer can be found at the top of this article.

For those unaware, Sumeru is a new region that will arrive at Genshin Impact, packing tons of new surprises with its arrival. The new zone will introduce players to new forests and deserts with plenty of new enemies to overcome. Alongside new and uncovered secrets on the new land, a new group of mercenaries called the Eremites will try to get in your way.

There seems to be a weird anomaly in Sumeru, as those who reside in the area are wearing some weird earpieces because apparently, they are combating the inability to dream. This three-minute-long video also showcases the researcher and the forest ranger Tighhnari, General Mahamatra, Nahida, and Dehya. All of the depicted should arrive with the game’s next big 3.0 update.

Sumeru continues to be influenced by the legacy of ancient civilizations, but the prelude to new wisdom is also being composed. A new chapter is about to begin amidst a tangled web of factions.

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