Good Luck Killing Big Pipe, Birdeye and Knight!

Have you ever encountered these three GIGACHADS, and what was the outcome if so?

Hey “Tarkovians,” how are you doing today? I’ve recently been enjoying the sun in Tarkov, and despite the pleasant scenarios and entertaining factors, I couldn’t hold it anymore and not write about it. Thanks to the Goons, the new and overpowered AI added to Escape From Tarkov, I’ve lost my sanity. These three Rogue Bosses are built differently. Not only do they stick together, but they also occupy four different maps from time to time. And… bang, you get startled.

These three clowns are incomparable to any of the Boss quests in Escape From Tarkov. They have managed to vandalize my existence each time I’ve encountered them. At this point, it’s become a certainty, and if I ever see them again, I would gladly just run away. If you think this is funny, then I hope you get the chance to experience them personally, too.

Big Pipe and his Grenade Launcher, not to mention the number of grenades he has on him, makes him a WAR CRIMINAL. He’s also a great mathematician, I bet. His evaluation and calculation of distance and velocity are just SOMETHING DIFFERENT. No calibration needed. It’s like Chuck Norris in Tarkov. From time to time, he probably borrows Birdeye’s EYES… yeah.

Knight, on the other side, is a dude that has to have some connections to Killa and Tagilla. His mentally prepared for every opponent and ready to mow him down, rushing like a kamikaze, especially if one of his friends gets injured or killed. He is like a moving radar, and knows your position no matter what. BROTHER, calm down, it’s just a game.

And then there is the sneaky one, Birdeye. A true marksman that rarely misses his shot, and for a guy that operates the big guns, let me tell you, it’s quite disturbing to be on the other side of his scope. However, this one can sometimes act dumb, as he starts running all over the place if you eliminate his friends. He values distance, as per his expertise, and it’s hard to see him engaging in CQB (Close Quarter Battles).

Before I finish here, if you’re seeking for tips, I just don’t have them. I’ve tried going offline to learn their behavior and movement, but aside from Customs, eliminating even one of them on other maps is just outlandish and putrid. Good Luck out there, you’ll need it!

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