Marauders is getting PC Closed Beta, accessible for pre-orders

The looter shooter everyone's waiting for will become available to play once again.

Is Marauders getting ready for release? As many would agree, another “Tarkov in space” title? This particular genre keeps accumulating more and more games, which is quite expected judging by Escape From Tarkov’s success. It’s no wonder why developers started focusing on this genre, where little details do matter. For that reason, Team17 and Impact Games have announced that their upcoming looter shooter Marauders is ready for another beta test via Steam.

Soon we’re going to have three survival looter shooter games to grind in. Besides Escape From Tarkov and The Cycle: Frontier, we’ll get the opportunity to settle in Marauders and commandeer our space ships towards juicy and exclamatory raids. Sadly, this Marauders closed PC beta will last for only 5 days, from July 20 to July 25.

As a celebration of the upcoming closed beta event, Team17 published a new date reveal trailer. You can find it below:

I am happy about it because I’ll get the opportunity to make content, guides, etc. But, the release date seems rather distant, at least for now. Following a successful closed alpha test earlier this year, the Marauders closed beta will let players loose with a barrage of new content, including two new raid locations: the ‘Terraformer’ – a newly abandoned agricultural hub built on top of an asteroid shard, and the ‘Merchant Ship’ – an expansive, breach-able frigate perfect for intimate and long-range firefights.

Marauders’ Closed Beta details

Sadly, closed beta access will be guaranteed for those who have pre-ordered the game. For some reason, at this time, the game cannot be pre-ordered through Steam, instead can be ordered from Team17’s direct store. After that, you will receive the Steam key through your email. After its activation on Steam, you’ll receive Marauders + Closed Beta + Base Game. At this time, the game is not available for pre-load but will become as soon as it meets the deadzone.

According to the latest press release, this closed beta access should bring new surprises, including the following:

Some changes you can expect and look forward to:

2 New Raid Locations

  • Terraformer, plus one new breachable location

3 New Weapons

  • ‘Scrap Bomb’
  • ‘Klubb’ Machine Pistol
  • ‘Heavy Thompson’

Additional Quality of Life Features

  • Quick Loot / Quick Drop functions
  • Foldable Bags for economic inventory management
  • Improved audio effects
  • Improved Crew Assembly Options (including now being able to use your Steam Friends list to form your crew)

New Cosmetic Additions / Upgrades

  • New ‘Outlaw’ head and body cosmetic
  • Improved visuals on all raid locations

Additional Mission Options

  • Contract Missions (linear missions with rewards)
  • Pre-orders are still available from the Marauder’s website!
  • Join the conversation now and be a part of the Marauders community over in the official Discord server!
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