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Pokemon Go Players Didn’t Get the A Mysterious Incense Special Research Quest

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go introduced a new Daily Adventure Incense item in the game, and to celebrate players around the globe can access and complete the new A Mysterious Incense Special Research.

The new A Mysterious Incense Special Research quest has two parts. The first part requires you just to claim the rewards, while in the second part you must complete two different stages of tasks. Completing the A Mysterious Incense Special Research you’ll be rewarded with a Daily Adventure Incense, Pokemon encounter, Stardust, and XP.

Now, the interesting part is that not all players get the A Mysterious Incense Special Research. Many players reached out to Niantic and want to know why they didn’t receive the Special Research, and everyone got the following solution, which doesn’t help.

Here is what they say:

“Hello, Trainer! Sorry to hear that you did not get the Special Research task “A Mysterious Incense”. Please get back to us with the following details via DM:

– Your Trainer Nickname
– The associated email address

We can look into it. We hope to hear back from you soon!”

They recommend refreshing the game data within the app, and to make sure the device time and date are set to automatic. This doesn’t help, and players are still not getting the A Mysterious Incense Special Research.

We reached out to Niantic, so hopefully they will fix this issue and everyone can access the A Mysterious Incense Research and receive the new Daily Adventure Incense.


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  1. This is the second day I have not had access to the mysterious incense challenge. Yesterday I signed out and signed back in without any change. Shut my phone down and then powered up. Nothing worked.

    1. Ive done the same, and now its been three days without the incense or the special research for me as well.. Nothing seems to work.

  2. I haven’t gotten it either. Restarting and even uninstalling/reinstalling the game doesn’t work. I may just delete the app for a week and check back later.

  3. Hey, I’m not entirely sure if this is how you notify Pokémon go but unfortunately I was one of the trainers who didn’t get the daily adventure incense. I have restarted it several times. I have deleted the app and re-download it still no incense. I also checked date and time as advised but nothing.

  4. I got so frustrated I just deleted the app. I guess I’ll check back in a few weeks, but no interest in playing a game where I don’t have the incense and everyone else does. I left the Seattle Pokemon fest so happy, but now I’m so mad I can’t even play their game. Lesson learned.

  5. I still haven’t got the special research and here we are at the end of the week. Would be nice to know why some people don’t get it and others did.

  6. I’ve done everything they suggested and uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and still nothing. I’m not sure how else to get a hold of the Niantic to fix the issue.

  7. I still have not received the incense research. I’ve tried to contact them and it just keeps spinning saying trying to reach support. Very frustrating. I can’t even contact them.

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