The PlayStation Network is currently down

Multiple services are inaccessible which prevent users from enjoying their favorite games.

The PlayStation Network seems to be having some difficulties, and it is confirmed by Sony’s official status page. The online service that’s supposed to let you expand your enjoyment and unleash your console’s power is currently down, dragging multiple PlayStation services to oblivion.

According to the official Status page, the PlayStation Store, Account management, Gaming and social are all experiencing issues responsible for launching games, apps, or network features. The investigation is ongoing, and Sony is probably working on resolving the situation. For a better overview, I have embedded the status page below, which allows you to monitor the current progress on the issue.

This would be highly disturbing for those who are in anticipation of Stray and those who cannot wait for the launch of the MultiVersus open beta.

Users report that they can’t access online services or download games purchased from Sony’s marketplace. It’s not only PlayStation experiencing destructive issues, but also Discord is having an increased latency with its API. The investigation for both of the services is ongoing.

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