Activision Blizzard asks people if they would pay for Overwatch cosmetics

While some believe it’s an honest marketing move, others say it’s a bizarre mistake. Activision Blizzard sent a survey to a pre-selected number of Overwatch players asking if they’re willing to pay for skins and cosmetics in the upcoming free-to-play sequel.

The survey sent by Blizzard possessed multiple cosmetic options to choose from, which included (according to PSGamesN) randomized prices per user. However, the survey does not represent the final prices that will be included in the game. The highest one has been $45.

With the shenanigans surrounding DIablo Immortal, I guess people have given Activision Blizzard a good idea of their wealth and how expensive skins they can afford to purchase. I can easily say that this survey was not necessary, because no matter the outcome, Activision Blizzard will try to impose a juicy tactic and attract people to purchase the skins.

According to the survey as noticed by Portergauge, the initial plans of the company were to include:

  • Mythic Skins ($44.99)
  • Legendary Skins ($24.99)
  • Legendary Bundle ($29.99)
  • Weapon Charms ($9.99)

Overwatch 2 will also carry all of the cosmetics from the original game. No matter if people purchase the skins or not, the bigger problem lies on a completely different island whatsoever. Would players even want to play Overwatch 2?

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