And here we fall, new Battlefield 2042 glitch reveals a lake under Valparaiso

Years after the map was first showcased in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, players found that Valparaiso, the city in the hands of Russian occupants, has a lake under the map. This has been experienced through Battlefield 2042 Portal, the mode that authorizes the execution of various combinations of prequels’ maps, weaponry, etc…

On Battlefield 2042’s subreddit, a player has managed to fall through the ground and reveal an exciting view, which was unknown until now. Apparently, a lake under the map prevents you from dying if such a breakthrough anomaly occurs. If you are good at swimming, you might try to replicate this and see for yourself.

There is a lake under Valparaiso, this is on Xbox btw. from battlefield2042

But this is not all. After further discussions, all the maps in Battlefield 2042 that have water are hiding a whole lake under their terrain. Experiencing this scenario won’t allow you to take any other action besides respawning, which can be solely done by clicking the redeploy button.

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