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Arma Reforger Xbox Update Adds Crossplay

Bohemia Interactive has surprised everyone with the release of the latest Arma Reforger update, which escorts their previous statements of adding crossplay. Xbox players can now team up with their friends on PC, contributing to a better player base overall. Titled, this patch also addresses some game, modding, and multiplayer issues.

NOTE: The update is still under deployment, and the server maintenance should be in an hour from the time of this writing. 

Another Desync issue has been handled in the Multiplayer segment, otherwise causing a severe game crash. Other crash issues have also been resolved, and the number of them is mind-boggling. Further network optimizations have been performed as well. The modding community will find fewer issues while they work their creative minds.

This patch has recently been included on the PC version as well, and its complete patch notes can be found below:

Arma Reforger changelog:


  • Added: Crossplay is enabled now
  • Added: Dedicated server config allows platform setup of PC or Xbox+PC crossplay
  • Added: Server browser crossplay filters
  • Added: Warning to loading screen displayed when joining a crossplay server
  • Added: Crossplay privilege checked and used on Xbox
  • Added: Player list showing a column with platform icon


  • Fixed: Missing open trunk user action on Ural truck
  • Fixed: Possible crash in building mode
  • Fixed: Possible crash when exiting ladders
  • Fixed: AI getting stuck when exiting ladder after climbing it up
  • Fixed: Semi-lowered weapon does not shoot immediately on mouse click but raises the weapon
  • Fixed: Crash possible after grenade throwing is canceled
  • Fixed: Get in and switch seat action on cargo variants of trucks is now accessible
  • Fixed: Controls conflict between saved camera in GM and saved selections
  • Fixed: Control hint for using slot 4 on the controller was missing
  • Tweaked: Deploying MHQ on top of rocks is restricted
  • Changed: Server browser now sorts by ping by default
  • Changed: After using a bandage, automatically assigns a new one to the quick bar
  • Changed: Arrow keys are no longer controlling character movement
  • Added: Unbind action to keybinding settings
  • Added: Official and community server filters in server browser
  • Added: Possibility to delay deactivation of an animated object on BaseItemAnimationComponent


  • Fixed: Crash caused by clicking on Retry button in Virtual Machine Exception window
  • Fixed: World Editor invalid bounding box when starting a mission with an empty world
  • Changed: Workbench profile folder is now separated from the game, called ArmaReforgerWorkbench
  • Added: Script methods to bind and call custom commands and variables in animation data
  • Added: CallCommand4I was missing in _AnimationControllerComponen_t


  • Fixed: Prevent certain network desyncs when removing items from replication to crash the game
  • Fixed: Prevent a crash when the client receives an RPC for an item that has locally been removed from replication
  • Fixed: State replication could be stalled by bandwidth limit
  • Tweaked: Optimized http requests using the same connection
  • Tweaked: Minor streaming optimization for UniversalInventoryStorageComponent
  • Tweaked: InventoryStorageSlot streaming optimization
  • Tweaked: Destructibles streaming traffic
  • Tweaked: RplComponent streaming traffic
  • Added: Separate RplError value for kick due to flooding and stalling to better differentiate between these two cases
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