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Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Kicks Off, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Season 2 is live and this is what's on the table.

As you may know, EA DICE had promised a new Battlefield 2042 Season alongside a lot of exciting content that will send players on a new journey. The content was scheduled to drop on August 30, and it’s finally here, alongside the juicy patch notes that seem quite promising. The skeptics should hop in and give it one more chance.

With a new specialist, map, weapons, vehicles, and Battle Pass full of rewards, Season 2 is very well afoot.

While our Angel is still dominating Battlefield 2042, I have talked with him and asked if it’s worth coming back to BF2042. Knowing his generosity and kind heart, he would always find the gap to confirm entertainment for any game he currently plays. To ensure yourself of his statements, below you can find the complete patch notes for Battlefield 2042 Season 2.

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.0 Patch Notes


  • You told us that you want to experience Breakthrough and Rush as both an Attacker and Defender while playing. We have made a change where after EoR you now automatically switch teams and play the same map on the opposing side before switching maps
  • Improved text readability in the Breakthrough gamemode widget, and added text icons to help explain objectives, such as “Capture”
  • Fixed a bug when preview a rank locked weapon, Locked by Battlepass is displayed
  • New Player Card Backgrounds are available for Crawford, AM-40,Avancys, PF51, EBLC-Ram and Stranded
  • New Player Card Tags are now available to earn unlock and earn
  • New Assignments are available to unlock 2 Battlefield Portal Weapons in All-Out Warfare, to gain access to Season 1 content in case you missed it, and new weapons for use in Battlefield Portal
  • Enemy Disrupted event XP has been reduced from 20 -> 5
  • In a future update we’re looking to split categories for disrupts between soldiers and vehicles, which allows us to further tweak the XP

Battlefield Portal

  • All 1942 weapons now have optic attachment options
  • All Portal soldiers now have access to Smoke Grenades via Loadout -> Throwable
  • Custom Conquest has been added to the Battlefield Portal Builder as a new Conquest game mode with added customizable options for capture points and extra logic options for Battlefield Portal’s Rules Editor
  • Multiple improvements have been made across Classic Era maps, such as removing and moving props, and resolving collision and terrain issues
  • Players were sometimes unable to spawn on spawn beacons. It’s fixed now
  • Voice lines have been updated for 1942 British army non-squad soldiers, German army non-squad soldiers and US army non-squad soldiers
  • Visuals of weapon scopes within Portal have been improved by removing lens dirt on several scopes, and added edge tint to most lenses

Rules Editor

  • Added EnableCapturePointDeploying block to Rules Editor
  • Added GetPlayersOnPoint block to Rules Editor
  • Added Lis, Mackay, and Paik to the Player Soldiers block in Rules Editor
  • Added Season 1 vehicles to Vehicle block in Rules Editor


  • Fixed an issue where the Motion Sensor changed teams, but not Icon, when thrown back by an enemy
  • Fixed issues with Ammo Bags on top of vehicle wrecks not despawning after a wreck disappears
  • Incendiary fire can now damage both your own and enemy deployables
  • Smoke Grenades can now put out incendiary grenades

CG Recoilless M5

  • Fixed clipping issues when reloading with the CG Recoilless M5
  • Fixed issues with CG Recoilless M5 status screen flickering

Smoke Grenade Launcher

  • Fixed a bug where the Smoke Grenade Launcher did not drop on death in Hazard Zone


  • Fixed an issue where interaction with the Metal doors around the Oil Rig would sometimes not trigger and were slow overall
  • Fixed an issue were players could trigger clipping through skyscraper on the Hourglass rooftops
  • Fixed an issue with an invisible wall near a ledge close to the B1 sector on Breakaway.
  • Fixed an issue where you encounter difficulties when traversing the last step of the stairs while prone on Exposure
  • Fixed an issue on Exposure where you would be deployed onto a different objective than what was selected
  • Fixed broken smoke VFX on Orbital
  • Fixed and issue where the thunder VFX on Manifest was too intense


Soldier “incidental” animations are now visible during gameplay. This for example means you’ll notice soldiers slip when running on snow or mud, sprint with high knees going through water, or they will put their hand up against the wall if they walk into it. We heard you when you asked for these animations to be developed for 2042, and we hope they’ll add to your immersion during gameplay.

  • Fixed an issue that could make the hints for deploying parachute or Wingsuit remain stuck on screen
  • Fixed an issue with the animation being broken during tactical sprint with the Commando Knife
  • Soldier animations have been improved for upper body rotations
  • Camera positions have been improved for some soldier positions which should result in less camera jitter
  • Hitboxes have been improved for soldiers in prone position
  • Resolved instances where soldier models weren’t aligned during a Takedown inside moving elevators
  • Resolved several occurrences where soldiers could remain frozen after death
  • Fixed an issue where soldier hands would not stay planted on the ground while crawling
  • Fixed several animation issues related to transition between stances
  • The stance transitions between stand and crouch are now faster and have a more responsive camera curve
  • Resolved an issue where third person sprint animation transition sometimes wouldn’t look smooth
  • Fixed a rare issue where repeatedly tapping sprint to open a door could cause animations to stop working

AI Soldiers

  • AI Soldier vehicles will now be able to use lock on weapons when they are equipped
  • AI Soldier vehicles will now switch between different weapons depending on the available weapons available target type
  • AI Soldiers are now better at navigating their way around all maps
  • General improvements are made to AI Soldiers driving land vehicles. You should notice less instances of them getting stuck against objects, or getting stuck in traffic jams
  • General improvements are made to collision avoidance for AI Soldiers piloting air vehicles
  • Players can now assign squad objective orders to their AI squad mates
  • Players can now ping AI squad mates in vehicle to request pickup
  • Players can now request a pickup from AI Soldiers
  • Players can now request Ammo from AI Soldiers
  • Players can now request Health from AI Soldiers



  • Angel’s Ammo Pouch is now easier to throw towards friendlies that needs ammo
  • Angel’s Supply Crate should no longer intersect with other deployed objects
  • C5, AT Mines and the Spawn Beacon that were already spawned by a player will now be despawned if the player changes their Loadout through Angel’s Loadout Crate
  • Fixed issues with weathering effects not being consistent on Angel’s Loadout Crate


  • Fixed a bug where takedown prompts could be shown while controlling the OV-P Recon Drone
  • Fixed a bug where the OV-P Recon Drone wouldn’t crash and explode when its owner died
  • Tweaked collision of the OV-P Recon Drone to not see through some walls


  • Fixed an issue where bullets ricochet via the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield did not damage the enemy players
  • Fixed an issue where shield bashing a fence wasn’t consistently breaking it
  • Fixed an issue with Dozers’ SOB-8 Ballistic Shield not blocking bullets
  • Increased visibility through Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield when in 1P view. We also added missing rain effects on the shield’s glass


  • Fixed an issue with 60mm Mortar Pod not being destroyed by APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel
  • Fixed an issue with Air-to-Ground missiles were not being destroyed by the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel


  • Fixed and issue with the G-84 TGM Missile not dealing damage to soldiers behind Deployable Covers or vehicles
  • Improved the explosion response time when Lis’s G-84 TGM goes into water or runs out of fuel


  • Fixed issues with glitchy transition from Grappling to Vaulting


  • If Paik damages a soldier in an open vehicle seat, her Threat Perception will also spot the vehicle itself


  • Hacking through see-through materials such glass, grid fences, vegetation has been smoothened


  • Fixed a bug where Deploy Wingsuit prompts remained stuck on the screen
  • Tweaked the Wingsuit entry and exit camera timings


  • Fixed an issue that could result in silent vehicle engines
  • Fixed an issue that was stopping Aircraft from being spotted while in the spotter seat of a ground vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that would allow Aircraft Control Sensitivity to surpass the maximum allowed value
  • Fixed an issue where game mode icons were overlapping with the compass in vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spotter seat within the MAV had a different graphical overlay to other vehicles
  • Holding fire no longer stops replenishing single fire Vehicle weapons
  • Improved free look camera so it no longer clips vehicles while driving at high speed
  • Removed conflicting visual effects for vehicle weapon stations, spotters and drones
  • The MAV now has a working handbrake
  • Visuals for Tank cook-offs have been added

EBAA Wildcat

  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes see through the EBAA Wildcat while in 3rd person view
  • Tank Shell penetration damage has been increased against the EBAA Wildcat. It now takes 3 hits to be destroyed
  • Updated the range on the EBAA Wildcat ATG missiles from 400 -> 200. We’re making this change to ensure the main focus of the Wildcat remains on Anti Air

RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal

  • The 30mm cannon blast damage has been reduced from 24 ->16
    • This change helps further reduce the pressure on infantry
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Repair System to heal the Stealth Helicopters too much
    • This change brings their repair mechanic in line with other vehicles as it was unintentionally too strong
  • Armor of the Stealth Helicopters has been reduced to ensure it remains in line with their overall agility
    • This makes them less survivable overall by for example only needing one hit with Lis’s G-84 TGM missile to destroy them

MD540 Nightbird

  • Fixed an issue where the MD540 Nightbird minigun wind up sound kept playing when switching to missiles while holding the fire input
  • Fixed an issue with the MD540 Nightbird where the drivers right hand was not holding the flightstick correctly

MV38-Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind

  • A new damage zone has been added to the cockpit of the Condor and Hind. This new zone is the most vulnerable part of these vehicles and exactly where you want to aim if you want to take them out
  • Fixed an issue which would cause players to be placed back inside the MV-38 Condor upon exiting the vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the FXM-33 AA Missile from locking onto a MV-38 Condor


  • Headshot Multiplier on Assault Rifles has been increased from 2x -> 2.15x
    • This change reflects that we want Assault Rifles to feel rewarding for increased accuracy
  • Headshot Multiplier on Submachine Guns has been decreased from 2 -> 1.25x
    • We feel this change reflects the role of SMG’s; they are not weapons that should reward accuracy versus other weapon types
  • A weapons reload animation is now present when continuously triggering the bipod while firing the weapon
  • Aim Down Sight scaling has been added for scopes with up to 4x zoom
  • Fixed an issue where the lines on the SDB 10x reticle were too thin while having the Rough Ruby skin equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the Low ammo indicator would sometimes appear at the wrong time
  • Fixed an issue where the Plus Menu could sometimes appear empty after exiting a vehicle seat
  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause the wrong crosshair to be displayed when using various Shotgun underbarrels
  • Fixed the weapon fire mode HUD indicator showing up for gadgets if the primary weapon has an underbarrel weapon attachment equipped
  • Overall responsiveness of the crosshair has been improved, and resolved scenarios where dispersion would be incorrectly represented when zooming out
  • The player no longer gets spotted while shooting with either Ghostmaker R10 or BSV-M
  • The PSO scope no longer incorrectly has x10 zoom while equipping a certain skin


  • The rate of fire of the Masterkey attachment is now unaffected by the AK-24’s magazine attachments


  • The BSV-M recoil modifier during Full-Auto mode has been increased from 0.9x -> 1.15x
    • Full-Auto capabilities of the BSV-M should be viable when transitioning into a close quarters situation, but should not outperform its Semi-Auto capabilities
  • BSV-M’s High Power and Close Combat ammo now have tracers


  • Increased the Extended and Drum magazines capacity on G57 by 5 bullets
    • We’re increasing the impact of unlocking Extended and Drum attachments by further increasing the gap between the amount of bullets they unlock

Ghostmaker R10

  • Fixed an issue where the color of the Ghostmaker R10 crosshair would not update when changed


  • Fixed an issue where audio would cut short when using the M44 while prone
  • The M44 Revolver 2-shot range has been increased to 100m


  • A minor improvement has been made to the PKP-BP’s recoil behavior


  • The VCAR Drum Magazine’s description now matches the fire mode of the weapon
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