Dragon Quest Treasures for Switch is available for pre-order on Square Enix’s Store

Square Enix has decided to publish the pre-order page for Dragon Quest Treasures for Nintendo Switch. The game’s available for purchase for $59.99. Dragon Quest Treasures puts you in control of two main characters, Erik and Mia, in which progress and character development are shared between. The game releases on December 9, 2022, and by pre-ordering it, you will get additional goodies.

As a player, you’ll have the choice to pick up your favorite character and advance the journey. Whether it’s that an inquisitive and mischievous Erik or determined and energetic Mia, it’s completely up to you.


The world of Draconia is made up of numerous islands, all of which have their own unique characteristics. The monsters that inhabit each island are different too! Fortunately, the Dragon Daggers allow Erik and Mia to communicate and cooperate with these monsters! The islands of Draconia are diverse and feature everything from volcanoes to glaciers. Use your monsters’ special skills to search for treasure wherever you go!

Pre-order benefits

Pre-order now to receive:

  • x5 Chimaera Wing – Allows the player to Zoom back to base without dropping any treasure they’re carrying
  • x15 Better Buddy Bullet – Increases the likelihood likelihood of a monster wanting to join your gang
  • x15 Fullheal Pellet – Fully restores the HP of a single ally

Erik and his sister Mia live on a Viking longship, dreaming of the day they can explore the world in search of grand treasure. One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are whisked away to a mysterious place known as Draconia – a legendary land full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. The adventure Erik and Mia have always dreamed of is finally underway!

With the vast world of Draconia to explore and tons of tantalizing treasure to find, Erik, Mia, and their cute companions will need some help. The team soon befriends and recruits a veritable variety of well-mannered monsters. By making use of these monsters’ magical visions of hidden treasure and their unique treasure-hunting abilities, our heroes will race over open fields, scale cliffs with a single bound, and glide over gaping chasms to locate loot in even the most fiendishly inaccessible spots!

Venture into a vast, varied world where twists, turns, and mysteries lie hidden on your path to discovering the legendary treasure of Draconia!

Key Features

  • A variety of ravishing riches await
  • Locate loot with your monsters’ unique abilities
  • Fend off attacking monsters and rival treasure hunters

Release Date

  • December 9, 2022

On or near release date delivery

While will do our utmost best attempt to deliver the product by the release day, please be aware that the SQUARE ENIX Store does not have any control on when the shipping provider will deliver the shipment.

International Pre-order delivery by Street Date Not Guaranteed

We do our absolute best to ship pre-orders so they arrive by the official street date (date listed on the product details page), but international orders cannot be guaranteed. Shipments could take up to 5 weeks to arrive depending on courier, location, and customs clearance in your country.

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