Escape From Tarkov Is Not Getting Defibrillators Any Time Soon

You won't be able to help your friends up.

If you’re unaware or haven’t had the time to pay attention to the Tarkov universe, the developer Battlestate Games has revealed a new knockout state is coming to the game where players lose consciousness for an “X” amount of time. During this period, their character will be unconscious, vulnerable to theft or a complete strip of weapons and gear.

In a recent podcast with the “Girls of Tarkov,” he notably revealed multiple features that are being worked on, including the Lighthouse expansion and its trader, the new Streets of Tarkov location, story quests, and the Arena. But when it came to the new knockout feature, he revealed how knockouts would work, and due to a realistic approach, defibrillators won’t be included in the game. Below you can find the transcript portion¬†where he particularly mentions the defibs.

About the unconscious state that lets you regain consciousness. Is this more about team play or will solo players also get the opportunity to “rise from the dead”? Will there always be a loss of consciousness, or is the probability of a fatal injury still higher?

  • Knockouts are a state of your character characterized by dizziness, partial or complete loss of orientation and sometimes consciousness. We want everything to work interactively, along with your surroundings. For example, you can slip on a ladder or get knocked off a door if someone else kicks it in. In this case, after such a fall, the player will be able to stand up. Loss of consciousness is a more serious injury. This is where outside help is needed. It’s all very situational.

How will the process of losing consciousness, recovery, and interaction with the environment be implemented?

  • For now, improvements are still needed. For example, while on your back, if you haven’t lost consciousness, you will be able to shoot back. Can’t promise that we’ll add this mechanic in the first iteration, but it is in the plans. Visual post-effects and concussion, of course, will be there. The approach will be extremely realistic. We don’t like the casual implementation of such mechanics, so don’t expect any defibrillators. We strive for realism.

With that said, players playing together won’t be able to speed up the knockout time and help teammates except to wait for their natural recovery. On the contrary, this time of realism would be even more severe for those who play alone, as no one would be able to take care of their body once they flop on the ground.

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