FACEIT admin sells CS GO ELO and gets banned

FACEIT swirled itself in a bit of drama surrounding a hazardous activity by a corrupted admin. An admin that goes by the name luvsteRRRRRR seems to have been selling ELO (points that contribute to the ranking system), which caused colossal turbulence on social media, getting the attention of FACEIT, and eventually expelling him from his position.

The report has been shared over at the official CS GO subreddit and on social media, where the amount of ELO bought is shown within a couple of images. It’s sad to be seeing this. But why would anyone grant admins access to this essence in the first place? Admin abuse shouldn’t be allowed in any matter, let alone in this one.

FACEIT has been the epicenter for competitive gaming, especially for CS GO, where the ranking system is more amusing and cheered by the fan base than the ordinary game. The servers are running at 128 tick rate, with better anti-cheat and various improvements over the core game, which speaks about the facts why exactly FACEIT is more favorable platform amongst the competition.

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