How and Where to Get Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite?

Fortnite has finally received the Dragon Ball skins and new content, which, as we presumed, includes the OP and energetic Kamehameha aggression as a mythic item. Similar to what Spider-Man had, this item allows players to execute a devastating finishing attack whose duration is long enough to ravage anyone. Sure enough, the item is straightforward to acquire, and we’re here to help you with it.

Aside from the Kamehameha, there’s another item that allows you to launch yourself in the air and call the faithful Nimbus Cloud, which will enable players to glide for a short time. The glider is dismountable, and it removes vulnerabilities to fall damage.

Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Locations in Fortnite?

Long story short, these two items can be obtained by doing various activities in Fortnite. One of them is purchasing it from NPCs and vending machines. They are also spawned at a random spot which can be seen by opening the map. These two items can be looted from other players because they’re dropped upon elimination as well. Let’s see where you can find them.

Vending machines

Both of the mythic items can be found at the following Vending Machines.

Kame Island

The next way to acquire these is by visiting the Kame Island, which has been added as a new POI with today’s Fortnite 21.40 update.

Once you land, you’ll find an NPC called Bulma roaming the house. Talking to her will give you the option to purchase both Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha Mythic Items for 250 gold. Check the image below:

Opening Capsules

These items spawn shortly after you drop on the map and arrive at different time intervals throughout the match. Their locations are public, as they can be seen on the map once the event is triggered. These items are usable and drop both Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha upon interaction.

That’s all. Hopefully, this minified your struggles in pinpointing the exact locations of these two new Mythic items. Keep in mind that these items will only be a part of the event, and are not available in competitive mode.

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