Lightkeeper will arrive in Escape From Tarkov as a surprise

Until then, the Lighthouse will remain calm and windy, unless something or someone activates the landmines.

Do you remember when Battlestate Games promised a new in-game trader in Escape From Tarkov with the arrival of the Lighthouse expansion? Well, it’s definitely coming, but its appearance is less likely to be announced. Lightkeeper, the upcoming in-game trader, will most probably arrive in the form of surprise, a somewhat stealthy one.

As of this moment, the Lighthouse entrance itself is surrounded by mines. Once you get too close to it, KABOOM, you sense the wrath of the landmines and soak all the shrapnel by yourself. In a brief moment, you’re back in the lobby thinking about the arrival of Lightkeeper and his top secret catalog of goodies.

Based on recent statements, he will be dealing with electric items, such as remote explosives and more. He would probably be the dealer of the tripwire landmine, recently showcased by Battlestate Games in a tweet. These items would change the gameplay meta in Escape From Tarkov and maybe reconcile players to think and approach differently in various scenarios.

Based on a recent Q&A made by NoiceGuy, on his question about the arrival of the Lightkeeper and his minion, Nikita laughed and said that it’s a secret. Like anyone else, his implementation in the game would probably be escorted by a mission or an in-game event pushing players to clear the area of abnormal dangers. I live for the day when everyone goes there and dies to landmines once again: this time, tripwire ones.

Keep in mind that there’s still a TarkovTV Podcast scheduled for this week, so there will be more details on this subject.

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