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Lost Ark Weekly Maintenance Announced for August 3 – Patch Notes Revealed

Lost Ark, the exciting MMOARPG developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games for the western region, will shut down its servers for another weekly reset. Alongside the ordinary reset, the game would receive some new changes. The servers will go down at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST, and the downtime is estimated to last for up to 4 hours.

The weekly reset in Lost Ark is welcomed as players will get the opportunity to scoop more loot. Aside from that, this weekly reset will implement some changes to the economy, as the gold earned from the Rapport system will be received in a different category, named “withheld funds“. The update also imposes new trading restrictions that would battle the RMT, which indirectly puts the bots on a guillotine. No incentive, no bots, simple as that.

Lost Ark August 3 weekly patch notes

The official patch notes for the upcoming update have already been announced, and they can be found below:

  • Gold earned from the Rapport system will be received as “withheld funds”, which are subject to a 3-day withholding period during which they are restricted in the following ways:
    • Cannot send withheld funds through mail
    • Cannot deduct from withheld funds when accepting billing mail
    • Cannot use on 1:1 trades
    • Cannot use in Auction House
    • Cannot use in Marketplace
    • Cannot use in Loot Auctions
  • For the first 72 hours after using a paid Powerpass, all gold earned by trading Una’s Tokens will be received as withheld funds and subject to the 3-day withholding period.
    • Please note that all Powerpasses are currently disabled as we work to resolve an issue with the feature. We will provide an additional update on Powerpasses update later this week.
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