Microsoft grants better memory control to Xbox Series S developers

The company allows devs to use more memory, which will result in performance improvements.

According to an official statement, Microsoft is instructing developers on how the memory is used on the smaller new-gen Xbox Series S consoles. In this way, developers will have a bigger grasp over the console’s memory, allowing them to improve the performance of various video game titles.

Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers,” Microsoft stated, as noted by The Verge, which is supposed to “Give developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions.”

Xbox Series S is significantly cheaper than its bigger brother X, and this change could benefit each and every consumer of this particular console. Either way, the difference between these two consoles is somewhat immense, and Series X runs games a lot easier and smoother, at a higher resolution of 1440p without any problems. Xbox Series S, on the other is locked to 1080p only. Xbox Series S has 10 GB of RAM, while Xbox Series X has 16 GB of RAM, alongside a much more powerful GPU.

Aside from this, Microsoft has also “addressed an issue where graphics virtual addresses were being allocated considerably slower than non-graphics virtual addresses,” which further enhances Xbox Games, which can take better advantage of recent memory enhancements added to the Xbox developer tools.

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