MultiVersus: All Buffs and Nerfs Coming With Next Major Update

There will be major balance patch coming to MultiVersus after EVO 2022

MultiVersus has been so exciting to play, and with all righteousness, there’s a reason why it’s become the most played free-to-play game on Xbox. The game has plenty of characters already added, but the Warner Bros‘ catalog has plenty of other characters ready to arrive. However, not all of them are well balanced, and the developer is aware and working on the scale, so it provides the best possible gameplay experience for everyone.

For that reason, the next major patch that’s supposed to arrive after EVO will provide further balancing, which will include buffing and nerfing various characters. In a game like MultiVersus, the meta will be continually evolving, and Player First Games will constantly be pushing updates for it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the changes below.

When is MultiVersus Next Major Update

The next major update will deploy after August 7, 2022, which is when EVO 2022 concludes.

MultiVersus Upcoming Balance Changes

We usually see how some characters stand out in the rankings, and for that reason, Player First Games is planning to alter the gameplay and impose difficulties on the following characters.

Lebron James Buff

Lebron is the newest addition to MultiVersus, and while everyone thought it will be nerfed, it appears that Lebron James will get the needed fix that will improve him. It’s not considered a buff, but a minor enhancement as his attacks won’t decay. His down and side attack won’t be sharing the same GCD after the update.

Wonder Woman Buff

The beautiful Amazon, Wonder Woman, will also get a Buff, even though she’s quite strong on the ground. Her Laso seems a bit off sometimes, but her horizontal ground attacks can be pretty much devastating if you ask me. I’ve grinded all the way to level 20 with four characters, and she’s the one I go with whenever I feel tired and just wanna have fun. Nevertheless, she’s also getting a buff after EVO.

Bugs Bunny Nerf

Bugs Bunny has been dominating the leaderboards, and for that reason is his overpowered abilities. There is a bug where you can also deploy two rockets with Bugs Bunny, and people have started abusing it quite heavily. We have already acknowledged this nerf in a previous article solely dedicated to this cause.

Tom and Jerry Fix

Tom and Jerry, the phenomenal duo are getting a fix that will address the attack lockout issue.

Bug Fixes

There will be some additional fixes based on Player First Games’ COO, and creative director of MultiVersus, which has revealed each one of the upcoming changes on his Twitter profile. Some of the visual issues can be found below. Also, the Batman grapple needs to be further addressed because people are killing themselves, and it’s no Bueno.

Additional Season 1 Content

MultiVersus has revealed the Season 1 roadmap during EVO 2022. You can find more about it here.

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  1. I think Lebron shouldn’t get 2 basketballs while Batman gets one Batarang. I’ve never seen Batman just throw one and then be like “Damn I’m all out, gotta go find that one or make another one real quick”. But that’s just me I guess.

    1. The difference is batman can play perfectly fine without his batarang, its a neat addition, but not required to play. Lebron’s attacks literally become, holy heck i’m going to die if I don’t get back a ball FAST.

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