MultiVersus is the most popular free-to-play game on Xbox

Will this trend continue?

MultiVersus definitely deserves the attention it gets at this moment. The game is currently blowing up in players, and this phenomenon is likely to continue. Since the start of the open beta, this game has been piling up on fans like crazy. It is now evident why MultiVersus is one of the most popular on the Xbox platform as of this current moment.

Many would say it’s just another Smash Bros iteration, but it just… feels different. I got caught up by this fighter, and I have to thank Player First Games for this gem. I’ve been entertained for this whole day. But, back on the action. As noted by, MultiVersus is topping some of the free-to-play titles that were most played over the past few years.

Fortnite, Fall Guys, Warzone… all of them are under the new conqueror MultiVersus, the new crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games. While it is still in open beta, it doesn’t feel like it. It’s missing characters, yes. It’s not well balanced too, but nothing of that is game-breaking to an extent where you couldn’t play the game, including the minor bugs that may appear from time to time. I hate playing Batman because of the grappling hook, which sometimes might launch you off the screen.

Last but not least, it’s Warner Bros. They already have plenty of characters to traverse it into a super-intriguing gameplay experience, just like they did with MultiVersus. Keep in mind that plenty of other characters are slated to arrive at the game, which means it could only get more interesting.

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