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Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense Tips

A new addition is available in Pokemon Go, and it is something that many Trainers have been looking forward to. The newest item that is joining Pokemon Go is the Daily Adventure Incense. This Incense has a 15-minute duration, but during that time, Trainees have the ability to encounter Pokemon that are not that common to be seen in the wild.

The Daily Adventure Incense is an Incense that requires active walking if you want to see an uncommon Pokemon. If you stay in one spot, you will waste a perfect Daily Adventure Incense.

But how do we know that uncommon Pokemon are spawning from the new Daily Adventure Incense? Well, several reports kind of give a hint to that. Many players have reported that they have seen Espurr, Jangmoo, Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno. The trio is known to have notoriously high flee rates, but nothing that a Golden Razz Berry would not fix.

Daily Adventure Incense is the same as the regular Incense, but with a different purpose and duration. It has the same activation animation, but instead of green fog, this one has a blue fog.

Daily Adventure Incense Pokemon Go

As with everything, there are several “tricks” on how to maximize the effect of the Daily Adventure Incense, and they are the following:

  • The first “trick” is to move constantly. Walk, walk, walk. A brisk walk is good for spawns too
  • Do not take any pauses that might affect spawns
  • It has been said that walking straight maximizes spawns
  • Low CP Pokemon are good for a quick catch, but a Pokemon with a high flee rate can be a risk as it can mean losing another good Pokemon
  • The Galarian Birds are extremely hard to spawn and catch, as their flee rate is more than 90% and less than 0.3% catch rate
  • Switching between WiFi and cell data can impose a problem, so it is better to wait to have a stable connection
  • Do not use the Daily Adventure Incense during Spotlight Hours or Community Days unless you really, really like the chosen Pokemon
  • Try to use the Daily Adventure Incense in an area with low spawns
  • If you are using a Daily Adventure Incense, make sure that there will not be any Egg that might hatch during those 15 minutes
  • It is good to have a Buddy while walking, but it is even better to have a walking Buddy that is level 2, because that Buddy can head the ball back

What are your thoughts about our tips and tricks regarding the Daily Adventure Incense? Do you find them helpful? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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