Pokemon Go What’s the Rarest Shiny Pokemon August 2022

The Shiny form of a Pokemon is truly hard to find in Pokemon Go, but did you know that among Shiny Pokemon there are a few Shiny forms that are rarest of them all? Yes, that’s right, some shiny Pokemon are very rare and almost impossible to find.

First, this is a mini-guide on how to know when you are facing a Shiny form of a Pokemon. The first sign that you might be looking at a Shiny form is the stars that appear on the screen when you enter the catch screen. The second sign is the different color palette. Shiny Pokemon have a different color than the normal form of a Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon can be found in the wild, through Eggs, Raids, and Special Research, from Field Research rewards, and sometimes Shiny Pokemon can be part of an in-game event. And there isn’t any trick that will make it easier for you to get an encounter with a Shiny Pokemon. It all comes down to RNG.

Some of them can be encountered once in a lifetime, but there are Shiny forms that you might never encounter during your gameplay.

Let’s get back to the main topic and learn what are some of the rarest Shiny Pokemon.

Rarest Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go August 2022

  • Every Pikachu/Pichu with a hat
  • Shiny Costume Gengar
  • Shiny Detective Pikachu
  • Shiny Flower Crown Chansey
  • Shiny Flower Crown Happiny
  • Shiny Galarian Weezing
  • Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta
  • Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Shiny Old Balloon Pikachu
  • Shiny Party Hat Raticate
  • Shiny Party Hat Wobbuffet
  • Shiny Party Hat Wurmple
  • Shiny Pikachu Libre
  • Shiny Sunglasses Squirtle
  • Shiny Unown

What is the rarest Pokemon you own? We would like to hear from you, so please tell us in the comments below.

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