Could this be the reason why LVNDMARK was banned from Escape From Tarkov?

Glitch, exploit, or was he legit cheating?

Two days ago, a famous Escape From Tarkov streamer was banned from the game. That is LVNDMARK, the most successful streamer in the Tarkov repository on Twitch. The ban happened autonomously and without the developer’s knowledge, for which he had to wait an extra day before he got unbanned. But, what was the reason for it, and why did it go under the radar without any official statements by BSG and LVNDMARK itself?

Over on the TarkovMemes subReddit, user Friendly_Sir_4087 has taken the time to share a “convincing argument” as to what could’ve happened behind the scenes. The guy is somewhat claiming that LVNDMARK is cheating, and that’s why he got banned in the first place. His theory is well explained and provides detailed proof of the whole situation.

LVNDMARK is condemned for using software that shows wireframes, which indirectly means a poor man’s wallhack. It’s caused by using third-party software that interacts with the game. This allows the imbiber to be provided with extra information such as game assets, characters, and additional irrelevant info, which developers usually see. The Subreddit thread can be found below.

Why LVNDMARK Got Banned (Proof) from TarkovAnything

We do not know if LVNDMARK had been using this to gain an unfair advantage, so we cannot claim anything. One thing’s sure, only LVNDMARK, BSG, and BattlEye know what really happened. Either way, the argument posted on the TarkovMemes subreddit holds water. So, you be the judge.

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