RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds Event and Update Gets New Release Date

RunesScape will perform some changes to its upcoming event based on community feedback. For that sole reason, the update and the Fresh Start Worlds event are getting a new release date amongst other various alterations.

According to the official press release, RuneScape has announced changes based on community feedback for the upcoming Fresh Start Worlds event. Fresh Start Worlds allows RuneScape players to create new characters on a special world where everyone begins again at a level playing field. The event will now launch on September 26th.

As per the official press release:

Following community feedback, existing players will be able to purchase a Fresh Start World membership through Bonds that can be obtained via gameplay. This will give current players an alternative way to participate in this special mode alongside the first-time and returning players starting on new accounts. 

Addressing concerns from existing players regarding the speed at which new players would accrue skills and experience, the week-to-week XP multiplier and peak XP multipliers as well as other boosts offered in Fresh Start Worlds have been rebalanced. Additionally exclusive rewards from Fresh Start Worlds will be made available through other means in future. 

Fresh Start Worlds will launch in RuneScape on September 26th. Old School RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds will launch in October.

RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.

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