What’s coming to Battlefield 2042 with Season 2?

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 is just around the corner, and in the eyes of its arrival, it’s our job to discuss more of the upcoming content. The new season will release on August 30, which is in just four days from the time of this writing. According to the so far revealed, it seems that Battlefield 2042 is getting a plethora of additions, which further proves the efforts by EA DICE on their cheering first-person shooter.

What’s coming to Battlefield 2042 with Season 2?

Battlefield 2042 was a topic filled with harsh critics by the player base, to which EA Dice had to react. After the first season, it seems like the turbulence has settled slightly, with EA DICE keeping the momentum while swerving in the second Season. With that said, let’s see what EA Dice will surprise us with.

New specialist

  • Charlie Crawford
    • Even though new specialists were expected a lot earlier than this, the developer’s focus was taken away by the minor yet annoying issues causing a bad gameplay experience.

New map

  • Stranded
    • The map revealed during the game’s launch is finally coming in.

New Weapons

  • AM40 Assault Rifle
  • PF50 Secondary Weapon

New Vehicles

  • Polaris RZR in-world vehicle
  • EBLC-RAM heavy ground vehicle

New Gadget

  • Concussion Grenade

New Battle Pass

  • Specialist skins
  • Weapon skins
  • Vehicle skins
  • and more…

Battlefield Portal

  • New weapon and attachments
  • Custom conquest game mode
  • New featured experiences
  • New community spotlights

As stated repeatedly, EA isn’t going to give up on its first-person shooter game. Despite the success of Apex Legends becoming a flagship shooter game with a player base higher than Battlefield 2042, EA believes it can make amends leading to a positive outcome. Either way, BF2042’s numbers are still in an incremental phase, and the success behind that lies in the recent and vigorous developer persistence.

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