“White Hat” hackers in Escape From Tarkov, no way man!

We know that the anti-cheat in Escape From Tarkov is not at its current best. Yes, the game has some additional vulnerabilities, but can we enjoy seeing creativity without witnessing negativity? Starting from today, the gameplay experience in Tarkov may even turn out to be a lot better! How exactly? Some players/cheaters have started claiming they’re cheating only to eliminate the other cheaters. Heroes that we need, indeed.

If you haven’t heard of the term White Hat or ethical hackers, they put their interests aside and do whatever’s mandatory to help an authority reach its goal by removing all the “loopholes.” Recently, cheaters have been taking this role in the Norvinsk region. They are working on “identifying and eliminating threats,” even if that translates to an account ban. They basically put themselves at risk for ordinary players to enjoy playing the game.

Over on the TarkovMemes subReddit, someone posted an image of a guy revealing the number of cheating players and the frequency of encountering them per raid. What he showed is somewhat mind-boggling. Based on his experience, there are a lot of cheaters in Escape From Tarkov, with up to 1 cheater in every 2-3 raids. On a good day, you’d encounter at least 1 cheater every 5 raids, which for a survival game of this caliber, it’s quite a lot.

The hero we need from TarkovMemes

I have to mention, keep in mind that Battlestate Games is tirelessly battling the cheating issue in Escape From Tarkov. Cheating is a neverending war for any developer in the world, not only for BSG. Even the most experienced anti-cheat systems such as BattlEye (currently securing EFT) and EasyAntiCheat are witnessing the same issues. In the end, it’s not the cheater’s fault, it’s the people who purchase boost runs too. They should be blamed the most.

Do you believe these are honest cheaters and do what they claim to? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. “In the end, it’s not the cheater’s fault, it’s the people who purchase boost runs too. They should be blamed the most.”

    sure, but not every cheater does it for rmt or tries to make a living out of cheating.
    there are always people who buy cheat themself only to have a little advantage over others and make the game easier. you saw what happended after several anti-rmt updates – the cheating got even worse, more people are buying/using cheats.
    so bsg shouldnt only battle rmt, they should battle cheatcoder/cheatpublisher directly, and stop them at the source.
    they changed so many things inside the game, they nerved keys/market-rooms/highloot into the ground, but cheating is still ongoing.
    stop changing the game around cheaters, battle the cheater directly.

  2. Personally BSG isn’t doing anything about cheaters except for trying to keep everyone from talking about it so they can continue to sell more copies lol. Also the game has so many bugs and issues and they refuse to fix those as well. Some issues are years old and they still refuse to fix them properly but continue to add new stuff that just adds to the bugs and compounds them as well. I’m pretty much done with this game as it’s probably the worst game I’ve ever played and warzone wasn’t this bad at its worst.

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