WoW Boosting Communities facing new troubles

It is rumored that Discord-established organizations that offer World of Warcraft boosting are now facing major difficulties in selling their services due to the massive server shutdown. Boosting communities such as Sylvanas, Oblivion, Twilight, Nova, and Dawn are all having struggles in retaining their existence. Whether it’s an organized attack against Discord, or Blizzard taking stealth actions against them, it is unknown.

According to the email received by the users of these organizations, they have been given multiple reasons such as promotion, distributing cheats or else. The email stated: Your account participated in selling, promoting, or distributing cheats, hacks, or cracked accounts.

In any case, it seems that boosting services will no longer spoil others’ gameplay experience. Adventurers, behold. This should indirectly boost everyone’s gameplay experience and return the meaning of MMORPG within. Those who could afford to buy themselves a free Ahead of the Curve or even Cutting Edge achievement will now be forced to involve themselves in the game before such a title is gained, unless this is a mistake and the boosting services return.

Previously, this was approached in a different manner, with Blizzard releasing a new policy that bans boosting organizations within World of Warcraft. This will no longer choke the LFG feature within World of Warcraft, which has recently been overflooded by advertisers waiting for their prey. Honestly, it’s a good move by Blizzard. Players have been lazy to step up their game and go through end-game content as deserved. Instead, they pay and get carried, which in contrast, engulfs the tens of thousands of gold currency being unreliably monitored.

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