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DayZ PC & Xbox Experimental Servers are going down for maintenance

DayZ 1.19 Update 2 is being deployed.

Those who want to enjoy a similarly more advanced lifestyle in DayZ and do not want to surf through the standards of the live servers will have to pause for a bit as Bohemia Interactive decided to deploy a new update. From 14:00 and 15:00, both Xbox and PC servers will be shut down for an hour.

As the developer announced, the update will deal with a couple of server crash issues, additional side bugs that have been impairing player movement, and other quality-of-life changes. One of the irritating bugs for those who want to hold captives is that they’ll be more successful from now on, as tied-up players cannot access the inventory when restrained.

The complete changelog for Xbox can be found below, as announced by Bohemia Interactive on their official forums, while the PC one will be posted at 15:00, and its notes will be updated in the section below.

Xbox Experimental 1.19 Update 2 – Version 1.19.155316 (Released on 29.09.2022)



  • Fixed a server crash related to restraining players
  • The player would slide down hills when walking backwards on slopes/stairs
  • Combining was not working in the radial menu
  • When reloading the SSG 82, a bullet would levitate in mid-air
  • Miniature icons of damaged wheels is too dark
  • The knife sheath was missing damage textures
  • The miniature icon of ruined or damaged skirts was too dark
  • The ruined texture of skirts was incorrect
  • Miniature icons of damaged wheels were too dark
  • SVD damaged textures did not change when damaged
  • Quickbar was disappearing during M&K support (
  • Gesture and quick wheels could not be properly operated with M&K
  • Fixed several faulty character interactions with the environment
  • Voice activation chat needed to be re-enabled after leaving an Xbox party
  • It was possible to cancel the rolling animation by entering iron sights
  • It was possible to access the inventory while still being restrained


  • The pipe wrench can no longer be used to repair vehicle engines
  • Barrels can now be filled with gasoline from canisters faster
  • Reduced the chance of SSG 82s spawning on infected
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