Phoenix Labs reveals Fae Farm exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

Today, during Nintedo Direct, Phoenix Labs revealed Fae Farm, a new magical and cozy Co-op Farm Sim coming to the Nintendo Switch Q2 2023.

Phoenix Labs has announced Fae Farm, a new cozy-casual farming and life simulation that invites players to escape with friends into an enchanted world filled with wonder. Built with cooperative experiences in mind, Fae Farm enables seamless drop-in, drop-out play through online and local wireless, so players can easily build farms, take on quests, and adventure together.

In Fae Farm, players take on the role of an adventurer invited to join a friendly community and create a home, while restoring harmony to the land of Azoria. Alone or with friends, players will build out their homesteads, explore varied environments, gather resources, and plumb the depths of the world to uncover the magic they’ll need to rebuild Azoria.

The development team behind Fae Farm is building the game as a love letter to farming and life sims they’ve enjoyed for years, with the goal of creating a relaxing and joyful experience for players all around the world to delight in for countless gameplay sessions.

“[Creative Director] Katie De Sousa’s vision for Fae Farm has excited us for a long time, and you can feel the passion she and the team have poured into the game from day one,” said Jesse Houston, CEO and Co-founder, Phoenix Labs. “From the artwork and the game design, to the handcrafted world and seamless online play, Fae Farm exemplifies our desire to create timeless games that will be shared for generations.”

“With Fae Farm we wanted to take our favorite elements of the sim genres we love, infuse them with magic and beautiful art, and wrap everything in a light-hearted cooperative experience,” said De Sousa. “I can’t wait to see what kind of cozy homesteads players build in Azoria.”

“At home or on the go, Nintendo Switch players love coming together to explore deep game worlds,” said Steve Singer, Senior Vice President, Publisher & Developer Relations at Nintendo of America. “Phoenix Labs has a vibrant history of bringing immersive experiences to life, as seen with Dauntless, and we’re thrilled to welcome Fae Farm with its enchanting and adventurous cooperative experiences to Nintendo Switch.”

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