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Pokemon Go Daily and Weekly Catch and PokeStop Spin Limit September 2022

Still surprising to this day we must say, but it appears that there is some kind of a limit in Pokemon Go. Shocking, right?

Well, the limit that we will be talking about here is the September 2022 Daily/Weekly Catch limit and the PokeStop Spin limit. A few have reached both of the limits so far, but that does not mean that it is not doable. It is, as proven by some Trainers. And they have shared their experience with us, thank God.

Once you reach the PokeStop Spin limit, a pop-up message will appear on your screen, informing you that you have reached the spin limit for the day or week. The spin limit is reached when you spin 1200 times per day and 7000 per week. These numbers are for September 2022. But the good thing is that if you reach the weekly limit and have not reached a daily limit, you will not be capped

As for the Catch limit, we think that this is the most painful one, as it prevents you from catching Pokemon. Once you reach the number of daily catches as of September 2022, which is 4,800, or the weekly one as of September 2022, which is 14,000, every Pokemon that you try to catch will simply run away from you. Like you have a disease or something.

Have you reached any of these limits? What does it look like?

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