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Pokemon Go Halloween 2022 Predictions

October is the favorite month of the creators of Pokemon Go, and that is majorly shown in the game itself. Known as the spooky month of the year, October is full of events that are in the Halloweeny spirit, spooky creatures appear here and there and many players love October just for that. Plus, there is always a debut of a new Pokemon.

The event that is one of the most anticipated events in Pokemon Go is the Halloween event. During this event, many things happen that can change the trajectory of the mobile game, and there is a lot of excitement about this whole period. As it is usually with the Halloween event in Pokemon Go, there are new Pokemon, special Raids, brand-new avatar items, event-exclusive quests, and many more.

So we expect the same for Halloween 2022. And of course, would it be fun if there aren’t any rumors and talks about an upcoming event in Pokemon Go? No, right? Well, we do not have much information about the Halloween 2022 event yet, but we hope that we will soon know what might be happening at the spookiest, most mysterious event in Pokemon Go.

We would like to be the first ones to talk with you about Halloween 2022, so let’s start with the speculations.

Halloween 2022 Pokemon Go

  • Costume Gengar
  • Costume Pikachu
  • Darkrai
  • Extended Egg Raid
  • Giratina
  • Guzzlord – release date November 2022
  • Increased spawn rate of Ghost-type Pokemon
  • Lunala
  • Mega Banette
  • Mega Sableye
  • Mimikyu
  • Shiny Phantump
  • Shiny Pumpkaboo
  • Special Research

What do you expect to see during this year’s Halloween event? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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