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Pokemon Go How will Vivillon Work and How to Collect all Vivillon Forms

Trainers, Vivillon is a dual-type Bug/Flying Gen 6 Pokemon with twenty different patterns. Vivillon’s patterns are changed by their habitats and climate. Now, the interesting part is that you won’t need to travel around the world to get a different pattern, but you must get and save postcards from the region you can catch that specific Vivillon form.

Vivillon has twenty different forms/patterns, and as said above, these patterns are affected by the climate of their habitat. Now, many players would like to know how Vivillon will work when it arrives in Pokemon Go, and thanks to the world’s greatest dataminers, we now have some very interesting info to share.

So, Vivillon has twenty different patterns, and you will be able to get all the forms once it arrives. Sounds great, right? Here is how it will work and how you can collect all the forms.

Pokemon Go players must get/collect postcards from friends in different regions around the world and you must save enough postcards from that specific region to get that specific Vivillon form. Also, there will be a Vivillon map that allows one to check which pattern of Vivillon is living at which place.

Pokemon Go How to Get Vivillon and Vivillon Patterns?

  • If you collect many Postcards from each region, you have a chance to encounter a Pokémon! Let’s save many received Postcards
  • Vivillon’s patterns are changed by their habitats and climate. Which pattern of Vivillon is living at each place can be checked on the Vivillon map from the Pokédex and Vivillon medal page
  • If you save a received Postcard from a friend, the Postcard location’s Vivillon medal will progress. If you collect many Postcards from the location, you can encounter Pokémon from the habitat

Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns

  • Meadow Pattern
  • Polar Pattern
  • Tundra Pattern
  • Continental Pattern
  • Garden Pattern
  • Elegant Pattern
  • Icy Snow Pattern
  • Modern Pattern
  • Marine Pattern
  • Archipelago Pattern
  • High Plains Pattern
  • Sandstorm Pattern
  • River Pattern
  • Monsoon Pattern
  • Savanna Pattern
  • Sun Pattern
  • Ocean Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Fancy Pattern
  • Poké Ball Pattern

Please have in mind that Vivillon is not available in the game at the moment. We will make sure to update the article once Vivillon arrives in the game and share additional info.

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