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Pokemon Go Players are not Able to Encounter Fashion Challengers Due to a Bug

Update: Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go shared new info regarding the Fashion Challengers issue, and it looks like they’ve fixed the bug and the issue is resolved.

Previous Story: The Fashion Week 2022 is underway and Pokemon Go players have a chance to catch new Pokemon, costume Pokemon, new shiny Pokemon, battle different Raid Bosses, complete new event-exclusive Field Research tasks, new Timed Research, and battle Fashion Challengers. There are three Fashion Challengers available in Pokemon Go, and players must battle each one to complete the Fashion Week 2022 Timed Research.

The Fashion Week 2022 Timed Research has six different steps. Each step has different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. To complete the Timed Research players must battle Fashion Challengers and claim the Battle Encounter.

Now, some players report that they have completed the tasks for the Fashion Week Timed Research, but are unable to claim the Battle encounter to progress in the task.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are aware of this bug and said that they are investigating the issue, and said that refreshing your data may help resolve this issue.

Android users can refresh the game data following these steps, and iOS users can refresh the game data following these steps.

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  1. I have experienced this issue. It also seems counter-intuitive to require a battle with a fashion challenger after the task for a fashion challenger appears. Unless you enter the battle and then back out, which I did because I didn’t have time at the moment, you don’t have the possibility to advance in the research because eyou can’t encounter them at PokeStops.

  2. I’ve experienced this issue as well. However, I didn’t back out. It loaded for a handful of minutes before my game went white screen. Leaving the only option to reset the game. My app is up to date and I’ve done all the systematic checks everyone recommends. And nothing. Super sucks that these fashion challengers aren’t on Stops like they normally would be. Great going, Niantic!

  3. Same issue I can’t get throught the first one I’ve red-blooded my game refreshed data nothing works I’m so frustrated

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