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Pokemon Go Rock ‘n’ Roll Special Research Quest Storyline

Trainers, the next Community Day in Pokemon Go is going live this Sunday, featuring Roggenrola, Shiny Roggenrola, a new Charged Attack Meteor Beam, event-exclusive bonuses, and a Community Day Special Research story Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Roggenrola Community Day starts on September 18, 2022, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time, and ticket holders can complete the new Rock ‘n’ Roll Special Research. Yeah, that’s right, you must get a ticket if you want to access the Roggerola Community Day Special Research. This ticket will automatically activate to give you access to Special Research on September 18, 2022, wherever you are.

Rock ‘n’ Special Research quest has four different stages, each stage featuring different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. The tasks and rewards will remain unknown until the event goes live, but we do have the Special Research storyline. Check it out below.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Research Storyline

Glad you’re here. There’s something I could use your help with today.

As you know, I’ve been away for a while.

I asked myself how I could feel more at home again… and then it hit me! Researching Roggenrola!

Roggenrola were first discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure, but the material that makes up their bodies is dirt that’s even older!

A Pokémon made of earth is just the thing to get me feeling grounded again, don’t you think? And it’s always a good idea to learn more about Pokémon!

Could you unearth some Roggenrola, %PLAYERNAME%?

Great job, %PLAYERNAME%! Let’s get a closer look at those Roggenrola.

Hm… Did you notice the hexagonal cavities on their bodies? Those are their ears, and deep inside is an energy core that makes Roggenrola slightly warm to the touch.

But don’t stick your hand inside the cavity – they’ll be very angry!

Is that from firsthand experience, you ask? Well… I was testing a theory.

And, when Roggenrola evolve into Boldore and their energy is too great to be contained, they grow orange crystals on their bodies hard enough to smash diamonds.

Doesn’t that sound like a sight, %PLAYERNAME%? Evolve Roggenrola, and you can see it for yourself!

Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%! Your Boldore are looking great.

Their crystals – Amazing! If only I had some diamonds, we could see whether Boldore really can smash them up…

Well, while we can’t conduct that particular experiment, I can still tell you more about Boldore.

Their crystals are actually powerful lumps of energy. Just one crystal fragment would provide enough fuel for a hundred dump trucks!

Unfortunately, I don’t even have one dump truck. But if you evolve Boldore, I’ll tell you all about what they do with that power, %PLAYERNAME%!

There you have it, %PLAYERNAME% – a Gigalith of your own! Those crystals are even bigger now!

When Gigalith’s orange crystals absorb solar energy, it’s magnified internally and fired from its mouth. It’s even capable of blowing away a mountain!

Because of its hefty horsepower, it’s a Pokémon that’s useful where hardiness is needed.

I know you’re always out and about, so I know Gigalith will be a great partner to you too.

Thanks for helping me out today as always, %PLAYERNAME%. Today’s research has me feeling more like my old self already.

Let’s do this again soon!

More info is to be revealed soon, so stay tuned.

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