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Sifu Patch 1.13 Summer Hotfix deployed

Is there a way to smash through Sifu without losing your age? Sloclap has decided to deploy a new Sifu update for all platforms, without making it official, which should fix multiple known issues. Without further ado, below you can find all the highlights as presented on the official website.

Sifu Update 1.13 Patch Notes

  • [GOALS] Fix an issue where certain goals were not retroactively unlock in the case unlock conditions where fullfilled in a run of a previous version
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where using Back input with settings menu opened would make the text dispappear in photo mode.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where settings menu could not be opened in some cases.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fix an issue where the “S” key on keyboard was shared between two different input actions, making it impossible to navigate with the camera
  • [MUSIC] Fix an issue where the music would abruptly stop when ending a certain fight in “The Tower” level.
  • [SKILLS] Fix a visual issue where the permanently unlock skills from a previous version would appear invisible or grayed out in Skills & Character menus.
  • [SCORING] Various tweaks on new scoring system – (Avoid/Deflect and parries + taunts will not increase your score anymore to avoid exploits, but higher health enemies give higher score)

Furthermore, the developer hinted on how to unlock the Enforcer Armor on its official Twitter page, and also instructed how to deal with the photomode issues if any encountered.

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