The Cycle Frontier Season 2’s wipe will reset character progress

September 28 starts the journey anew.

The Cycle Frontier, also known among the community as Space Tarkov, will kick into a new season. This will be the second season for the game, and as such, there will be a deletion and reset of player progression, items, and more. As such, the game developer posted an image pinpointing what exactly will be deleted, reset, and what will stay.

The Cycle Frontier Season 2 Wipe Details

In the list below, we can notice that any unlocks or in-game purchases will be granted upon the release of Season 2. Furthermore, the game will persist any unlocked or purchased weapon vanity, unspent aurum, and more.

As for the deletion, the release of Season 2 will get rid of the following items:

  • Items and gear in character inventory and stash
  • Faction Progression and levels
  • Private quarter progression
  • Any Unspent K-Marks
  • Unclaimed Packages from the private quarter generators
    • Supply Crates
    • K-Mark Generator
    • Insurance Packages
    • Cheater Compensation Packages
    • Unclaimed Gear Twitch Drops

The official tweet revealing what’s remaining and what’s being deleted in The Cycle Frontier Season 2 can be found below:

What else is coming with The Cycle: Frontier Season 2?

Tharis Island is intended to be the most challenging and intense map in the game. This map has first been revealed years before the Cycle hit, with Korolev being the first faction to discover it. This means that the quests over there would likely be from the Korolev faction rather than others.

The map itself offers new and endangering wildlife, unlike in the other two maps, alien artifacts and a labyrinthian cave system that humans barely even reached. Those who went inside either lost their lives or came back mad. 30 years later, prospectors will finally be able to reveal the secret behind the Tharis underbelly.

Compared to other maps, Tharis Island puts emphasis on interior spaces, light and darkness, and vile and mysterious activity which is hidden deep within its depths. Walking blindly or without bringing the necessary equipment might be life-ending for each prospector.

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