Wrath of the Lich King Classic Global Release Times

The time for Wrath of the Lich King Classic has finally arrived. The game releases today, as Blizzard is happy to announce the beginning of the journey to Northrend. It’s time to set a foothold on a new unexplored territory, conquer new enemies, and thrash some of the notorious World of Warcraft names that are bossing around.

Expect the launch to be quite hectic, considering the many players waiting for the invasions to take place. Even though nothing could calibrate on the same level as the launch of WoW Classic, WoTLK is still expected to shuffle through some server meltdown.

Some countries will be available to access the WoTLK classic experience on September 26 today, and some will be able to join a day later on September 27. Queues behold. The queues on most servers are expected to be mind-boggling, but not like the launch of the original Classic experience. However, we should still prepare for  a sheer lingering experience.

Wrath Classic Global Release Times

  • Los Angeles – 03:00 PM PDT
  • New York – 06:00 PM EDT
  • São Paulo – 07:00 PM BRT
  • London – 11:00 PM BST
  • Paris – 12:00 AM CEST
  • Cape Town – 12:00 AM SAST
  • Ankara – 01:00 AM TRT
  • Moscow – 01:00 AM MSK
  • Abu Dhabi – 02:00 AM GST
  • Taipei – 06:00 AM CST
  • Seoul – 07:00 AM KST
  • Sydney – 08:00 AM AEST

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