AMD FSR 2.1 is coming to Escape From Tarkov soon, looks juicier than you think!

AMD FSR 2.1 is on its way to Escape From Tarkov. While this hasn’t been a secret, the developer shared a new video depicting some of its quality features. Judging by it, players having GPUs that support this technology will have a fun time exploring the Norvinsk region at a much higher Frame Rate.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technology to boost framerates & deliver near-native resolution with high-quality detail.

At this point, Escape From Tarkov supports AMD FSR 1.0, which is an older version of the upscaling technology. While the technology is similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, the difference between these two is minor. I am saying this because most players do not like its blur, especially in a hardcore survival game such as Tarkov.

The latest AMD FSR 2.1 comparison video was first shared on Escape From Tarkov’s official Twitter profile, which puts FSR 1.0 and FSR 2.1 side to side. The AMD FSR 2.1 footage shows a solid FPS boost of around 10% over its predecessor. You can find the video below:

DLSS is around 2% faster than FSR, but both have the same job and nearly double the frame rate of native resolution. The difference between AMD FSR 1.0 and AMD FSR 2.0 is the preservation of image quality, which could be the reason to start using this option.
We won’t ignore the fact that we’re before a wipe, and with that said, Escape From Tarkov Arena might be just around the corner. This feature will provide a better gameplay experience, especially in slightly more detailed and overwhelming environment textures.
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