Apex Legends next playable character is Catalyst, abilities and more

Catalyst is the next legend coming to the purest and most entertaining Battle Royale experience, Apex Legends. Season 15 of Apex Legends is coming up soon, and it’s got a whole lot more than just new content. One of it is the new Legends coming to the game, Catalyst.

In the latest Stories from the Outlands, we can see a confirmation for the upcoming Legend in Apex Legends called Catalyst. Catalyst will be a support character, highly desired by simply everyone in the game.

Catalyst – A defensive character who loves toying with enemies, an experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer, has the ability to play with ferrofluid and to her advantage. Knowing that Catalyst is a defensive legend will allow her to build structures around her and prevent any brute force by enemies.

Catalyst Leaked Abilities

While we do not have concrete data about her abilities, leaks have started surfacing online. As per the leaks, Catalyst can take on and create solid, physical objects and use them in her favor.

Passive: Reinforce

As we said, Catalyst can make solid structures sustain more damage than usual. Doors, shields used by other legends, etc, will be harder to destroy, as it glimpses of a potential support character. This is going to be possible thanks to her passive ability that will reinforce such structures.

Tactical: Resin Shot

Catalyst’s ability to create her own structures is both exciting and innovative! She can form ramp-like platforms out of ferrofluid, which she has the capacity for up three at once. These unique surfaces are perfect when it comes time to make your climb easier by allowing you to connect them together in order to achieve an inclined slope.

Ultimate: Ferro Wall

Catalyst’s ultimate ability is a powerful defense mechanism that also allows them to control its direction. The ferrofluid, in this case, creates an obstacle for both their squad and themselves, but it can be used as cover or elevation benefit, or maybe to conquer higher grounds and escape from enemy teams much easier. This Ferro Wall will be strengthened by Catalist’s Passive ability called Reinforce.


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