Battlestate Games’ COO Nikita show signs of life

Don't mind the title, we're just here to celebrate.

Nikita, the man in charge of Escape From Tarkov, the realistic first-person looter shooter, has finally spoken. After recent rumors swirling around the internet regarding the situation in Russia, we now have signs that Battlestate Games is still around, and it’s working on its famous first-person shooter, Escape From Tarkov.

Nikita’s Twitter profile has been inactive since September 17. Today, as a surprise to everyone, Nikita has posted a funny drawing of Escape From Tarkov. The person in the picture is supposed to be Shturman. Either way, it doesn’t matter who that is, as the tweet itself comes as a relief for all the Tarkov fans.

With that said, you can rest assured now. We can all see that Battlestate Games is still around, and it is probably just intensively working on the game. Keep in mind, with COD’s DMZ announced, Marauders, and The Cycle breathing in BSGs neck, I would’ve gone dark too.

There are so many things to be deployed and fixed. As we’re heading deeper into the second half of the year (WIPE WIPE WIPE), Battlestate Games is probably trying to reach the deadline for the Streets of Tarkov map. Not to mention, Lightkeeper, the promised in-game trader on Lighthouse, hasn’t been released too. And what about the flawy tiny bits and pieces, cheaters, and other stuff that has to be settled? Yes, all of this combined puts so much stress on the developer, which resulted in a halt to social exposure and in-game events.

Either way, now that he’s back, we should probably expect some fresh news regarding Tarkov.

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