BSG posts new Escape From Tarkov video alluding of upcoming content

New ARRS terminal users are available.

Today, Battlestate Games has posted a new video that continues the lore of Escape From Tarkov. The video mentions the Lightkeeper, and it reveals a peculiar change in the ARRS (Automated Radio Relay Service) console, which can be accessed via a web browser on

The video is called the Chronicles of Ryzhy and can be found below. But, we’re more interested in the ARRS terminal contents, so let’s see what’s that about. Keep in mind that we’re still working on finding out what the ARRS terminal holds, and this article is still developing. We gonna need some brains to go through this, and considering it’s Sunday, we do not operate at full power.

Once you go on the website, your input matters, as to why the developer shared login credentials within the video. The console allows us to use certain commands, and you can see them all by typing help. However, keep in mind that the console logs us in by default as a guest, and you can change the user to the one from the video credentials by typing the following:

login defaultuser


We’ve been tinkering around, and this is what we found on the latest templates.

First and foremost, we wanted to check the user by typing user. It seems that the user defaultuser is not safe and has been exploited.

After typing dir, we have seen a file not_important.txt Typing file not_important.txt throws out its contents saying nothing to see here, with a strange code at the bottom of the text. We are still working on trying to find what that is.

After typing notes. You can see a new note created on 10.05.2022. After opening that note, the following message is thrown out:

Once again, the note entered shows us a new login user observer14-4, with the password from the previous image located in not_important.txt 69w6k73j61m6y69l74w79. Now type logout, wait for a moment and then type login observer14-4. Password is 69w6k73j61m6y69l74w79.

This user is the main user for managing the ARRS terminal.

This user also has plenty of notes, so let’s go through them. The first one mentions a colleague Petr.

The second note also mentions Petr, which now makes us believe it’s a terminal user.

The third one mentions Petr again, as he tries to find his mug. We can also see Eugene 1 and Grach 0.

The last one shows that the secret behind the MUG itself has been revealed.

Now let’s jump to the files.

It seems that a new user appeared in one of the log files of user observer14-4.

All of the log files except for the last one appear to have user block E621-092. But then, at the last log file, this is thrown:

Now we started getting user temporarily blocked on every login we try, so I guess we’re stuck and have to wait on someone else to jump in. I have to be going for a while, but I am sure that the people on Twitter will get to the end of this puzzle.

I just got back and I have seen the megathread on Reddit which has managed to close things up. Below you can find all the data discovered.

Login: observer14-4 / Password: 69w6k73j61m6y69l74w79
HL692_01.10.2022 >
ZACPA_01.10.2022 >
GS55F_01.10.2022 >
5AL5U_01.10.2022 >

serious_job_thing.txt >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_28.09.2022.log >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_29.09.2022.log >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_01.10.2022.log >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_02.10.2022.log >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_03.10.2022.log >
ARRS_NODE_14-4_04.10.2022.log >

Login: rook / Password: lknl8vm8khyrulzz
JH692_23.12.2021 >
ZBZG2_03.10.2022 >
UU5GK_03.10.2022 >
L815U_04.10.2022 >

File: > >
(INV-15)ARRS_NODE_14-4_10.10.2015.log >
(INV-15)ARRS_NODE_14-4_15.10.2015.log >
(INV-15)ARRS_NODE_14-4_27.10.2015.log >

Login: officer20-28 / Password: GF2GQZLZONSWKMRU
Notes: no notes found

ARRS_NODE_14-4_13.09.2021.log > > > >

According to people, there seem to have been two different EOD editions of the game which allowed the first to unveil the information to claim them. But this brings us back again to the Lightkeeper. When is he coming? Since we have endured so such a long time without him, it’s likely to be added with the next wipe.

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