Catalyst Gets Character Trailer, Coming To Apex Legends on November 1

Apex Legends’ Catalyst is the next playable character coming to Apex Legends. Apex Legends Season 15 is coming up soon, and it has a whole lot more than just new content. One of them is the new Legends coming to the game, Catalyst.

Catalyst is a defensive character who loves toying with enemies. She’s an experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer. She has the ability to play with ferrofluid and wage it to her advantage. Knowing that Catalyst is a defensive legend will allow her to build structures around her and prevent any brute force by enemies.

Her official abilities slightly differ from the leaked ones, but Respawn Entertainment spoiled us with her powers depicted within the most recent trailer. So let’s go through them below:

Apex Legends Catalyst Official Abilities Revealed

Passive: Barricade

Reinforces doors strengthening them and locking them to enemies. Spaces where doors have been destroyed, can also be reinforced.

Ultimate: Dark Veil

Raise a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.

What do you think about Catalyst coming to Apex Legends?

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