CI Games unveils new IPs coming over the next five years

On Monday, CI Games outlined an evolved roadmap and strategy showcasing significant ambition for both established and brand-new IPs over the next five years. As the company approaches its third decade, CEO Marek Tyminski presented a vision to investors centered on several core pillars, with an overall aim to reinforce its solid foundation, facilitate further brand development, fortify team development, and ensure an even stronger future with exponential financial growth.

As per the official press release, five are multiple upcoming games from CI Games’, including the continued support and focus of the exciting SGW series.

  1. Plans for a new premium, multiplayer PVE tactical shooter, Project Scorpio, were shared. Underdog Studio will be the driving force behind the core pillar and the exploration of a live ops GAAS model for the new IP with long-term support post-launch. The development team at Underdog Studio has been focused on bringing in key talent and expertise, enhancing their ability to create best-in-class shooters.
  2. Following an incredibly well-received announcement at Gamescom this year, The Lords of the Fallen has already seen significant traction among the gaming community, as evident from its trailer viewership and Steam wishlist position. CI Games sees great potential in the action-RPG genre and HEXWORKS’ long-term plans to continue creating ambitious RPG worlds with ever-expanding audience appeal.
  3. The company once again made mention of its intention to bring a new IP into the Survival genre, with Project Survive already in development using Unreal Engine 5. The creative and project management team are collaborating with an external partner studio, Batfields.
  4. As one of CI Games’ long-running, successful IPs, the popular Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise will continue to form a core pillar. Bringing on a new partner studio to work alongside Underdog Studio, the development team can simultaneously focus on Project Scorpio, while continuing to drive the SGW series’ successful formula forwards.
  5. United Label, the third-party publishing arm of CI Games, has built a reputation in recent years for identifying and nurturing talented development studios. All three of its releases to date – Eldest Souls, Tails of Iron and the BAFTA-nominated Röki, have achieved commercial and critical success. United Label will continue to identify strong IPs, and release one-to-three indie-developed ambitious titles per year.
  6. Finally, CI Games declared its long-term goal to broaden its portfolio with the introduction of new franchises, building on existing technology to bring exciting games to market across different genres. Alongside this, it plans to work with external partners to leverage internal and external IP, with an ambition to diversify into new areas of entertainment.

CI Games is an independent, global Video Games Developer and Publisher, with studios and and talent across various European territories including the UK, Spain, Poland and the US. Founded in 2002, CI Games has created globally recognised titles for twenty years; the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, while Lords of the Fallen has surpassed the 10 million player mark. In 2018, United Label was founded, focusing on smaller but equally ambitious titles, including Röki, Eldest Souls, and Tails of Iron. HEXWORKS, a new studio specialising in action-RPGs and made up of industry veterans, was formed in early 2020, and is currently developing The Lords of the Fallen, the company’s most ambitious title to date.

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