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Conan Exiles Patch 3.03 is now out

Funcom has released a new Conan Exiles update titled 3.03, available on all platforms. The update includes several gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. The update mainly focuses on performance and stability, including exploit and bug fixes.

  • Various crash fixes that should result in improved game stability.
  • Addressed a number of exploits in regards to the crafting system.
  • The recipe “Rough Timber Doorframe” is now in the “Rough Timber Interior Walls” feat as intended.
  • Building items spawned from the Admin Panel should no longer be turned into salvaged materials after restarting.
  • The “Pick Piece” option from the building menu has been renamed to “Copy Building Piece” to better represent its use.
  • Fixed an issue where the Delving Bench would return random items instead of recipes.
  • Explosive jars should now deal more consistent damage when placed on uneven surfaces.
  • Shaggai Creatures ranged attacks are now functional on Dedicated Servers.
  • Minimum Stamina consumed or minimum Damage taken value is now 1 to prevent some unintended situations with certain character builds.
  • Casting Darkness would cause players and NPCs to fall through buildings when in high altitudes. We fixed that as that is not the kind of dark result we were aiming for.
  • Resurrected Corpses should no longer turn invisible, delaying the inevitable uprising of Casper’s army.
  • Lighting Storm was unintendedly causing high amounts of damage to Building Structures. This has been addressed.
  • Lightning Storm will no longer damage the caster or the caster’s clan mates.
  • Lightning Storm will now strike up to 4 targets each striking cycle with a small delay between each target.
  • Due to the increased frequency of strikes, the base damage dealt by Lightning Storm has been reduced.
  • Addressed an issue where some items could not be spawned in via the Admin Panel.
  • Fixed an issue where some items were misplaced in the Admin Panel.
  • Removing the bracelet no longer kills your followers too.
  • If creativity overflows you, removing the bracelet while in Creative Mode will now kill you. Carpe Diem.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for Extended Leap to be reset while climbing.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Challenge states to be updated correctly.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause problems with item rotations in the Bazaar.
  • The international #spellchekker team saves the day once again by fixing a bunch of nefarious and honestly, quite unpleasant typos and grammar mistakes in international versions of the game.
  • The Thaumaturgy Bench UI was cut in some localizations, which is now fixed.
  • The Claim All Rewards button now works with one single press instead of twice.
  • Addressed an issue where the unspent points pip would show up after dying.
  • Consolidated how Illusions show in situations where you don’t own the base item or the item used for the Illusion.
    • If you don’t own the item used to apply the Illusion, you will still be able to equip it, but you will only see the base version. If you equip the item later after owning the Illusion item, it will show with the Illusion applied.
    • UI icons will also be greyed out to give better visual feedback.

Audio fixes

  • The last Foundation removed now makes a sound when picked up, as intended.
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