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Dota 2 October 4 Update Addresses Rubick and Fixes General Issues

Valve released new update for Dota 2 where it addresses issues with Rubick and fixes General Issues. This update is mostly to correct the issues caused by the previous update 7.32c. It does not contain a special number distinguisher, instead is classified as October 4th update.

Without further ado, below you can find the changes introduced with today’s update.

Dota 2 October 4 Update

  • Added an in-game model for Tome of Knowledge
  • Fixed the motion correction buffering on attacking and casting sometimes increasing the effective distance. This fixes the issue with towers sometimes briefly stopping attacking
  • Fixed a number of cases where the AoE radius preview wasn’t displayed correctly
  • Fixed a number of spell range preview not interacting correctly with Cast Range bonuses
  • Puck’s Waning Rift and Necrolyte’s Death Pulse now both have range indicators on mouse-over.
  • Fixed Primal Beast Uproar incorrectly having decreased Attack Damage Bonus per stack
  • Fixed Primal Beast Pummel interaction with some movement-based damaging spells if the enemy died during the grab (e.g. Lion’s Impale)
  • Fixed Refresher Orb and Shard cooldowns incorrectly ticking down in some cases where the items were not in the hero’s main inventory
  • Fixed Meepo’s shard damage value being decreased
  • Fixed Boots of Travel not showing cooldown in inventory and when Alt is held under the player on the top bar and improved the HUD teleport indicator appearance
  • Fixed issue that sometimes allowed using abilities when in a stunned state
  • Fixed Telekinesis interaction with allies in free spells mode.
  • Fixed Telekinesis landing marker fx not appearing
  • Fixed illusion display interactions with some stolen abilities
  • Fixed Spell Steal interaction with Undying’s Decay and Flesh Golem.
  • Fixed Spell Steal interaction with Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike scepter version
  • Fixed Spell Steal interaction with Enigma’s Malefice shard version
  • Fixed Arcane Supremacy incorrectly adjusting some range indicators
  • Fixed the +40% stolen spell talent to display additional damage in tooltips when Alt is held.
  • Fixed Ancestral Spirit stolen sometimes providing a permanent spirit buff on Rubick.

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