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Escape From Tarkov Is Getting Technical Update on October 27, Patch Notes

Where are all the pumpkin heads?

Update: We’re still working on the latest Halloween content, so we’ll update this article as we discover new things.

Battlestate Games, the developer behind the realistic first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov, has decided to deploy a new technical update on October 27. The announcement arrived on Wednesday through BSG’s official Twitter profile.

As noted, the update will be installed on Thursday at 8 AM BST/3 AM EDT, with a server downtime of around 3 hours, hauling a complete seizure of player activity. With a 3-hour maintenance window, this update can be considered a big one. While patch notes remain scarce, we’re guessing that it might be related to a Halloween event, which is something BSG hasn’t missed in the past.

Since the patch notes are still missing, we believe they will be posted tomorrow morning, so we included the same in the title. I also took the liberty to post this Halloween-related EFT featured image. Once posted, the changelog will be published in the section below.

Escape From Tarkov Halloween Update, October 27 Patch Notes (

  • Update size: 35 MB

Basically, it’s a Halloween update, which contents we do not like to reveal. Instead, you need to check for yourself. Just a heads-up, check the traders and the hideout before jumping in a raid. There’s speculation of a possible Halloween event. It’s time to go nighttime and experience the changes. Hopefully, we get to see what the cultists are all about now. Maybe we get to experience some demons?

Halloween Debuff

Once you enter a Raid, you will have a random Halloween health effect. Some may be greeted with small bleeding too.



New Pumpkin With Sweets

It seems that there are new types of pumpkin heads with a description saying:

  • Looks like someone in Tarkov decided to have some fun and scattered these pumpkins all over the place. There could definitely be something inside them.

These items can be looted and held in your inventory until extracted. They can be unpacked only in inventory.

Boss spawns – Tagilla Rework

There are multiple reports that Tagilla can spawn on all maps. It’s Halloween time, so jump-scares are more than welcomed, I guess. Tagilla has a new sexy-looking SCYTHE weapon running around with. Witchery fulfilled.

Consumable rework – Sweets and Juices

All the sweets in the game are changed and grant additional buffs upon usage. Slickers, Alyonka, Juice, etc… Check them before using.

Escape From Tarkov Website Halloween Page

The developer has added a new page on their website related to Halloween. It might represent a number of players that have lost their lives during the event. Check for more info.

Increased chance of gun jams

Based on the letter posted by Escape From Tarkov’s official Twitter profile, it seems that not only are players getting zombified by random debuffs, but weapon jams are about to become more frequent. The letter specifies weird health issues, and gun jams specifically.

New Signal Flare

As instructed by the letter, there’s a POISON GREEN signal flare that apparently can spawn on Tagilla. The flare can be shot by a flare gun. The item and its description can be found below:

The distress signal flare can turn the most hostile enemies into your best friends. Once shot in the air, it stuns AI in the vicinity. It’s almost like you become invisible to them. There are some other reports that you can summon Tagilla with it. While you’re immune to them, other players are going to be engaged.

Pumpkin mask – tagged and cursed?

There are reports that the Pumpkin Head cosmetic that can be equipped adds “tagged and cursed,” which basically makes the AI attracted to your appearance.


Cultists now have increased spawn rates on all maps except for Labs.

Pitch black raids

When the counter on reaches 666,666, the live raids are plagued by a dense-dark fog, becoming extremely dark and gloomy. You can also witness the transition while being in-raid.

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