God of War Ragnarok Will Have 4 Graphics Modes on PS5

God of War Ragnarok is coming to life in stunning detail. The game has two separate modes for maximum graphical quality or framerate. The exciting part is that players that use HDMI 2.1 ports can achieve much higher FPS. The high performance and resolution modes basically require HDMI 2.1, which may be the way to go to play this gem on a TV.

God of War Graphics and Performance Modes:

  • Favor Resolution – 4K/30FPS Locked
  • Favor Performance – 60 FPS Locked
  • Favor Resolution (High Frame Rate) – 4K/40FPS (HDMI 2.1 required)
  • Favor Performance  (High Frame Rate) – 120 FPS Target (HDMI 2.1 required)

The game will support high frame rates with HDMI 2.1 displays and VRR capabilities for those who have an HDTV that supports it, and besides the 4K/40 target – rumor has it they might even go as far as targeting 4K/60fps!

Judging by God of War’s past series, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it adopting a dynamic resolution which scaling may enhance the gameplay experience even further. Either way, the time will tell.

The release of God of War is imminent, and people are expecting a lot from this game. It will be the conclusion to Kratos’ latest adventure, which journey might end in bigger respect and loyalty.

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