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GTA Online October 20 Weekly Reset, Halloween Update, Discounts, GTA Plus and more

GTA Online has received its new weekly reset with fresh Halloween-themed content. This event is supposed to be spooky, but also introduce new store discounts and provide affording prizes for some products. If you’re interested in finding out the Weekly Challenges, discounts, and content, make sure you check below.

As posted on Reddit, these weekly bonuses will be up and running until October 27th. There’s another beneficial arrival for all the GTA+ members including Menacing Terrorbyte, Halloween Treats, and more.

Claim the Benefactor Terrorbyte

Instill terror with this uniquely nightmarish armored truck that also offers optional add-ons including a Turret Station, Drone Station, Weapon Workshop, and the only Vehicle Workshop capable of customizing the fear inducing Pegassi Oppressor Mk II. Speaking of which: upgrading weapons to Mk II models using the Terrorbyte’s Weapons Workshop is 35% less than usual for GTA+ Members.

Client Jobs

Use the touchscreen terminal inside of the intimidating Terrorbyte to cast Client Jobs and scare up 2X GTA$ and RP through November 2. Players must own a Nightclub in which to store the Benefactor Terrorbyte before claiming it from the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website.

Nightclub Upgrades and Bonuses

Take your Nightclub’s eerie aesthetic to the next level by adding a Light Rig, then beef up your bottom line by adding extra floors of Cargo Storage to your club — both of which will be marked free for GTA+ Members.

Halloween Costume, Clothing, and Masks

Get fully into the spirit of the season and play GTA Online anytime during this event period to receive the Mummy outfit, the Pumpkin Hoodie, the Gray Cracked Puppet mask, and the Grimy Stitched mask.

Persistent Benefits

Even in dark times CEOs and VIPs breathe rare air in LS – especially GTA+ Members, all of whom benefit from waived fees for Abilities like Ghost Organization, Bribe Authorities (accessed from the Interaction Menu), and Vehicle Requests.

As per the Reddit post, this is what this week holds:

Weekly Challenges
  • Podium Vehicle – Thrax
  • Prize Ride Challenge – Place top 3 in a Street Race Series race for 3 days in a row
  • Prize Ride – Viseris
Luxury Autos Showroom
  • Entity XXR
  • Neon
Deluxe Motorsports Showroom
  • Zion Classic
  • Defiler
  • Tampa
  • Zombie Chopper
  • Everon
New Content
  • Cerberus Freemode Event is live:

Map of Event Locations

r/gtaonline - Weekly Bonuses and Discounts - Oct 20th to Oct 27th

Cerberus Event Locations

  • An Exotic Export will spawn. Upon entering, you will be chased.


  • No Heli, Plane, Jet, Oppressor Mk2/Mk1, Deluxo, Special Vehicle, Amphibious Car
  • Lobby with 2 players or more
  • May need to own Auto Shop

Returning content

  • Halloween content is live (Facepaints, etc…)
  • Beast Vs Slasher
  • 3x GTA$ & RP
  • Freemode Events
  • 2x GTA$ & RP
  • Beast Vs Slasher Adversary Mode
  • Exotic Exports

Log in unlock

  • Famine Mask

Complete a Payphone Hit to unlock

  • Green Vintage Mummy

40% Off

  • All Garages

50% Off

  • Comet Safari ($355,000)
  • Zion Classic ($406,000)
  • Bullet ($77,500)
  • Tampa ($187,500)

40% Off

  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360 – $792,000)

30% Off

  • Everon ($1,032,500 – $774,375)
  • Locust ($1,137,500)
  • Neon ($1,050,000)
GTA+ Good Thru November 2nd

GTA+ Website

Prime Gaming:

GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week.

All bonus GTA$ will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours at the start of the next weekly event. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

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