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Pokemon Go Daily and Weekly Catch Limit and PokeStop Spin Limit

We are still baffled that Pokemon Go has some kind of a limit. Even after all of these years. Since 2016 to be exact.

A limit? What are you talking about? Well, we inform you now and here that Pokemon Go has a catch limit. But that is not all, Pokemon Go has a spin limit too. And they change monthly.

Both limits have a daily and a weekly limit, and if you reach one of these then you can not catch a Pokemon and/or spin a PokeStop to get items that you need to keep on going. Some brave Trainers have shared their experience with us, and it is not good.

If you happen to reach either of these limits, a pop-up message instantly appears on your screen informing you of the “crime” you have committed for the way or week. The numbers for October 2022 regarding the daily spin limit is 1200 spins and the October 2022 weekly spin limit is 7000. However, if you do reach the weekly limit but not the daily limit, you will be in the safe zone. You will not be punished.

Regarding the catch limit, the numbers for October 2022 for a daily catch limit are 4800 catches, while the weekly catch limit is 14000 catches. Probably the most dreaded limit, because Pokemon are running away from you like you are Team Go Rocket.

Have you ever reached the daily or weekly catch or spin limit in Pokemon Go? If yes, we would like to hear more about your “journey.”

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